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Glynis Mackenzie's Living on Purpose formulas

Glynis Mackenzie BA STD is a certified Business Coach, Life Coach, Image Consultant, Speaker and Friend who combines these disciplines holistically to enable individuals and organisations to transform inside and out. She specialises in supporting people to manifest their innate potential so they become more purposeful, productive, effective, fulfilled and joyful.

Glynis uses her wealth of experience to support her clients to transform and develop in practical and deeply profound ways. Her work has universal applications and she has worked with women and men from South Africa, China, America, Europe, Australia, India, Ireland, England, Mauritius, Canada and Guyana.

Glynis is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works nationally and internationally.

27 11 467 8848
27 82 551 4985

What Glynis says about the
Living on Purpose™ formulas

Eugenie and I have personally designed these formulas to offer you practical support to augment and reinforce your transformation process so you can be all that you want to be and do all that you want to do. They are vibrational electromagnetic solutions created from a combination of homeopathic remedies, minerals, flower and crystal essences. They act as instructions from nature to keep reminding you to live your most conscious, satisfying, productive and meaningful life.

List of formulas:

1. Realising my true self and life purpose
2. Embodying self-belief, esteem and confidence
3. Letting go of limiting beliefs
4. Standing up for myself - Healthy boundaries
5. Look, feel and be beautiful - My authentic personal style
6. Remedying overeating
7. Remedying undereating
8. Increasing creativity
9. Enriching sensuality and physical intimacy
10. De-cluttering my life on all levels
11. Attracting abundance
12. Enhancing meditation and focus
13. Divorce support – Healing and growing
14. Two wings of one bird – Gender equality and balance Women
15. Two wings of one bird – Gender equality and balance Men


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