Natural Remedies for Muscle Aches

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Whether you’re suffering from sports’-related injuries, the cold weather and flu-like symptoms, or just age-related problems, muscle aches can prove to be completely debilitating. However, it’s not worth rushing for prescription medication when there are so many natural remedies available … Read More

Natural Remedy Suppliers

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With the many associated side effects of prescription drugs and constant exposure to chemicals on a daily basis, many people are turning to natural remedies as a more holistic healing option. However, it’s vital that the remedies used are authentic … Read More

Sweet dreams

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Caitlyn hasn’t slept this well in almost 4 years! She now only calls me once a night to put her blanket over her and to put her soothing CD on. She doesn’t even get out of bed!! She also only wakes … Read More

It all makes sense!

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Dear Genie When I read in your book that “homeopathic medicines are now being recognised as electro-magnetic solutions” I found the explanation to a theory of mine. Over the 50 years of using herbal remedies and the last 35 years homeopathic remedies … Read More

Dry at night

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Q: Thank you so much for sending me your newsletters, I am finding them very useful and informative. I was wondering if you can help me with a remedy or remedies for bedwetting. I have a 9 year old, who … Read More

I am amazed at the results

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I have been using your products for 2 months now on my little one (18 months), who has always had chest problems. I am totally amazed at the results! She has been healthy and had no symptoms since I started … Read More

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