Natural Remedies for Muscle Aches

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Whether you’re suffering from sports’-related injuries, the cold weather and flu-like symptoms, or just age-related problems, muscle aches can prove to be completely debilitating. However, it’s not worth rushing for prescription medication when there are so many natural remedies available … Read More

Slave to medical bills this winter?

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In 2013 – a well known radio presenter told us that 62% of all cases of personal bankruptcy that occurred in the USA that year, were due to medical bills! Imagine the statistic in 2018 and our South African scenario … Read More

What’s your gut feeling?

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I’ve been suffering from a prolonged bout of procrastinitis! I have often thought of a hundred stories and important issues I’d like to tell you about, but the minute I’ve sat down to write… the words and ideas have gotten … Read More

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