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Natural Remedies for Muscle Aches

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Whether you’re suffering from sports’-related injuries, the cold weather and flu-like symptoms, or just age-related problems, muscle aches can prove to be completely debilitating. However, it’s not worth rushing for prescription medication when there are so many natural remedies available that will have lasting effects. Here are a few natural remedies you can try for muscle aches.

Natural remedies for muscle aches

Epsom salts

Consisting of magnesium sulfate – a naturally-occurring muscle relaxant – Epsom salts work well if thrown into the bath. They work to release the fluid from muscle tissues which reduces swelling and diminishes aches. It is recommended that you soak in Epsom salts three times a week for about 20 minutes, or until the pain has subsided.


Aches caused by flu symptoms are generally a result of dehydration, the reason being that the body’s tissues are not retaining sufficient fluids thereby preventing the flushing out of waste. You are encouraged to ingest fluids, particularly those rich in electrolytes, as they assist with detoxifying the body. Alternatively, increase your intake of water.


Magnesium helps to maintain healthy nerve and muscle function in the body while supporting the immune system. To relieve achy muscles and joints, apply any form of magnesium-infused oil or lotion, or try ingesting magnesium capsules or drinks.

Muscle tone and support formula

Eugenie Rowson’s Muscle tone and support formula is a combination of select remedies that promote healthy muscle tone, function and strength. The muscle tone and support formula will encourage a healthy balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium which will assist with muscular weakness by boosting thyroid and adrenal function associated with muscle weakness, dysfunction and disorder.

Neck and shoulder tension formula

Eugenie Rowson’s neck and shoulder tension formula is another excellent natural remedy for muscle aches. This is a solution of various vibrational remedies known to relieve tightness in the neck and shoulder area, muscular inflammation, spasms, rigid muscles, reduce pain, as well as provide relief for headaches that accompany pulled strained, or strained muscles, ligaments and tendons in this area.

Apple cider vinegar

Another simple natural remedy for muscle aches is apple cider vinegar. To relieve symptoms, drink one or two tablespoons plain, or mixed in water. It can also be placed directly on the skin if the taste is not enjoyed.

Heat or cold

One of the most effective remedies to relieve aching muscles is by placing either a hot or cold compress directly onto the affected area. For some, a hot water bottle, hot compress or even warm bath will be sufficient to remedy the ache, while others prefer a cold compress to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Echinacea and elderberry

There are certain herbs that act as white blood cell stimulants – promoting healing – and two of these are echinacea and elderberry. They are particularly good at fighting off flu and the associated muscle aches. Echinacea boosts white blood cell activity to prevent the initial viral attack, while elderberry can fight flu and even cut the duration of flu in half. Both can be taken as herbal tea with some honey to taste.

Essential oils

When it comes to natural remedies for muscle aches, essential oils have proven themselves to be particularly effective. They have analgesic properties that assist in reducing inflammation, stimulating circulation, boosting immunity and decreasing pain in the process. Some essential oils to try include chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint.

Depending on your particular muscle ache and body type, the effects of the various natural remedies may differ, but it’s certainly worth trying a few to relieve muscle ache. They don’t come with the associated medical side effects and are often the preferred option for healing.

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