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Detox, short for detoxification, refers to the removal of toxic substances from the body. As the world around us becomes more and more polluted and therefore more toxic to our systems, our organs need to work a lot harder to get rid of these toxins. Every day, our hardworking bodies deal with the effects of environmental pollution, processed foods, preservatives, drugs, alcohol, additives and sedentary lifestyles – it’s no wonder so many of us are listless, sluggish, depressed, overweight and generally unwell. Vibrational Medicine’s solution to detoxifying the body is called drainage therapy and involves the elimination of toxins believed to arise in the body as a result of disease or physiological dysfunction, or as a result of the pollutants in our environment. Signs that your body is crying out for a detox include allergies, headaches, poor concentration and memory, poor circulation, joint pain, frequent colds and flu, depression, a metallic taste in your mouth, digestive problems, inability to lose weight, candida and recurring yeast infections, and many, many others.

Health benefits of detox

Besides the obvious benefit of removing harmful toxins and improving the overall function of your bodily systems, detoxifying your body also: Increases kidney, liver and gallbladder function; Encourages better digestion and absorption; Decreases bloating and stomach distension; Improves blood sugar control and balance; Boosts metabolism & fat burning; Improves skin quality; Increases energy; Improves immune function; Increases ability to deal with stress.

pH / hydration / mineral balance formula:


This formula comprises of a combination of mineral-based remedies that will encourage pH and hydration balance, thereby encouraging alkalinity that is essential to the proper functioning of the body’s metabolic reactions including the eliminating organs, resulting in overall wellbeing.

Colon Cleanse:

This formula incorporates a combination of popular remedies that encourage the cleansing of the colon, resulting in proper water and mineral absorption, thereby promoting health and wellbeing.

Liver & Gallbladder disorders formula:

Improves liver and gallbladder function by promoting detoxification of these vital organs. Relieves symptoms associated with gallstones. Helps to clear the blood of poisonous substances and toxins. Assists with recovery after periods of overindulgence. Speeds up recovery after liver-related illnesses, such as jaundice and hepatitis, and after excessive use of medication and alcohol. general detox remedy especially after over-indulgence in stimulants, rich foods, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. An excellent hangover remedy.

FREE GIFT: Gut flora repair / probiotic formula:

This formula contains an electromagnetic solution of vibrational remedies which have been carefully selected to encourage ecological balance of the microorganisms within the digestive tract that is beneficial to a healthy digestive system and so essential to a strong immune system.

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