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Full colour spectrum


A combination of all the colours. It is the rainbow of colours and brings a multitude of energy and healing with it. This formula offers the stimulation, tonification and sedation that all the colours bring. It helps revive tired, stressed out systems and minds. This can be taken daily to help recover from chronic illness or injury. Helps to recover equilibrium after prolonged stress…

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Jolt bottle on palm before use.
Adults, children, infants & pets:
1 or 2 sprays in the mouth.
Half hourly – reduce with improvement of symptoms.
Keep away from battery operated & electrical appliances.
Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persists.


Electromagnetic solution.
No physical origin.
5% alcohol & purified water.
Nothing artificial. Non-toxic.
Safe for pregnant women &


Store in a cool, dark place.
Keep away from battery operated
& electrical appliances.

Best before:
3 months after opening.

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