Consultation with Eugenie Rowson

Consultation with T/Dr Eugénie Rowson

Book a professional & confidential Consultation with T/Dr Eugénie Rowson (Genie), reputable Health Practitioner with extensive professional and self-help experience; author of best selling title: There’s a remedy for that! and founder of The Remedy Shoppe.

There’s a remedy for that! – Book

A high-quality book containing invaluable information on homeopathy for self-help as well as comprehensive details of our best-selling range of single remedies.

A must for anybody who’s new to homeopathy and wishes to become more informed…

Shop Vibrational Medicine

The Remedy Shoppe offers vibrational medicine and natural remedies to bring about a change from sickness to health with perfect order and balance. Shop online of visit us in Douglasdale, Johannesburg.


Home Remedy Kit

Every home should have one; we recommend the following remedies every home and family should have:

Cold flu & viral formula, Sinusitis rhinitis & post nasal drip formula, Tonsilitis & sore throat formula, Gastro formula, Cough sticky difficult formula, Headaches formula, Injury rescue recovery formula,  Sleep easy formula