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10 of the Worst GMO Foods for Kids

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The introduction of foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in the 1990s was clouded in controversy and continues to spark debates about the need for food security versus the importance of organic food for human consumption. The nutritional value of GMO foods ranges, but it’s most important to consider food consumed by children, as the impact is so much greater.

In South Africa, the majority of maize produced is genetically modified, meaning it’s in a lot of foods. And while recent regulations stipulate the food must be labelled as a GMO, this is not always the case. This does make it difficult for parents to identify GMO snacks from organic, but here is a list of some of the worst GMO snacks for children.

Bad GMO Foods for Kids

1. Processed cereals

Many cereals are manufactured with GMO wheat, but in addition to this, they contain elevated levels of sugar. Despite labels stating ‘made with real fruit’ or a ‘source of whole grains’, if the sugar levels exceed 5 grams per serving, then it’s not a healthy option. Anything containing ‘corn syrup’ or ‘fructose’ in the first three ingredients is a no-go.

2. Crackers

Although a traditionally quick and easy snack for kids, many consumer brands of crackers are manufactured with GMO wheat and are also extremely high in sodium while being low in fibre. Added to this is the preservatives, sugars and artificial flavours and colourants – so they’re really not a healthy snack.

3. Chocolate milks

Many dairy farms give their cattle growth hormones which can be found in the milk supplies. This GMO milk is then fed to children in the form of chocolate milks – and even regular milk. The added danger of chocolate milk is that it is loaded with sugar – sometimes even 48 grams in one helping. Excessive consumption can lead to diabetes, cancer, obesity and reduced brain power.

4. Fizzy drinks

Once again, sugar is the culprit when it comes to fizzy drinks, many of which include a cancer-causing colourant. Drinks sweetened with the aspartame are particularly bad as there is a possible link to cancer here as well. Aspartame is manufactured from genetically modified bacteria.

5. Fruit juices

Even the ‘100%’ fruit juices are not the best option for children. The reason being that they are still high in sugar but lacking in the fibre that makes fruit such a great option. Certain fruit juices are made with GMO fruits so it’s worth checking the label. If you want to give your child fruit juice, then consider adding some water to the beverage.

6. Dried fruit

While advertised as ‘fat free’, anything that is high in sugar will convert to fat in the body – and this is the case with dried fruit. While the natural dried fruits are good snacks – and many are not GMO fruits – beware the fruit snacks that are actually gelatinous globs with added sugar.

7. Salted nuts

While nuts – in general – have many beneficial health advantages, they cross into the unhealthy snack group when deep fried in GMO oils and have salt, or even sugar coating, added to them. Rather opt for the fresh, organic nut choices.

8. Pre-made popcorn

Again, naturally-made popcorn is not an unhealthy snack but when it is made using GMO vegetable oils, or GMO corn crops, then it’s not the healthiest snack option. The pre-made popcorn often has additional flavours, colourants and salt added which makes them incredibly unhealthy.

9. Fast-food chips

For a quick and filling snack, slap chips or French fries as they’re known, have been a major selling point for kids over the years, but they should be avoided if possible. Many are made using GMO potatoes, fried in GMO vegetable oils and have sugar or salt-rich sauces then added to the product.

10. Drinking yoghurts

Some yoghurt brands do offer a healthy snack option, however it is worth checking the ingredients’ list as most of the dairy will include GMO hormones. In addition, the product is probably made with corn starch, another GMO product, and far too much sugar.

To assist you with avoiding any Genetically Modified (GM) Foods – South Africa, we’ve put together a list of the most common foods which are either GM or have been sprayed with toxic herbicides and/or pesticides. We’ve also put together a list of where Organic foods can be bought, from either online sources or at markets and shops.

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