Our products are made electromagnetically
and are used to stimulate healing.

They are not made from original material substances.
They are NOT homeopathic medicines.


Vibrational medicine is used to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to bring about a change from sickness to health. Our products are NOT made from original substances (as with homeopathic medicines).

Vibrational medicine carries the electromagnetic design or ”signature” of an original substance and acts as a catalyst to stimulate (as opposed to suppress) specific healing responses or mechanisms. Vibrational medicine recognises that symptoms of illness are NOT the body’s errors; on the contrary, they are the body’s deliberate and intended efforts to heal! Symptoms are exactly what the genius self-correcting body must do to restore order and balance and should therefore be encouraged towards completion.

Health is perfect order and balance within the whole person – Sickness is a loss of health! Sickness is not something in itself, but rather, it is a measure of the loss of health ie the loss of balance or order at an physical, mental and emotional level. Therefore, one cannot remove an illness or dis-ease! (That would be like trying to remove the holes from your cheese!) We can only put back some health!

Our products are NOT homeopathic. Homeopathy uses an original physical substance from nature and leaves it soaking in an alcohol and water solution. This is then filtered, the substance discarded and the alcohol & water solution retained. It is then diluted sequentially over and over again with vigorous shaking (attenuation) between dilutions, to a point where nothing but alcohol and water molecules can be seen under a microscope because all of the original substance has been diluted out. These solutions are termed homeopathic medicines because they are made from an original substance and the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann said that his medicines work by means of an infinitely small dose – we now know that (after the 26th dilution) this ”dose” is not physiological, chemical or molecular in nature, but electromagnetic! Water is infinitely adaptable and will take on the electromagnetic identity of any substance that it comes into contact with.

Now that we can know the frequencies of thousands of original substances/elements including plants, metals, biological substances, herbs, flower remedies, biochemic tissue salts, gases, etc. as well as the frequency of colours, light, sound, gem stones and minerals, etc. highly sophisticated technology has been developed where we can charge an alcohol and water solution electromagnetically to produce a solution that resonates at the same frequency as the original substance/element – we call this vibrational medicine.

The advancement of homeopathy towards vibrational medicine, is a bit like progressing from candles to electricity and light bulbs! Candles were made from original substances, but once we had learnt more about producing light, a very different and more efficient method was developed to stimulate vision – electricity and light bulbs! Similarly, an entirely new method of creating an electromagnetic solution using the vibration of natural elements has been developed and has proved to be an extremely efficient means of stimulating specific and known healing mechanisms of the body. Vibrational medicine uses instructions identified from nature to bring about perfect healing. It probably sounds as incomprehensible to you now, as electricity and light bulbs sounded to people way back then! Nonetheless, it’s true – and it works!

It is also important to understand that although candles (such as homeopathy) and electricity & light bulbs (vibrational medicine) can co-exist, the rules, regulations and recommendations that have developed for candles are obsolete for electricity & light bulbs!

Vibrational medicine stimulates the body, mind and emotion back to order – it cannot ‘treat’ illnesses or disease names – instead, it encourages healing of the person so that their system brings itself back to order, thereby correcting any dis-ease. The use of our products for healing offers an affordable, gentle yet powerful, non-toxic, greener, safer and highly effective way to improve your family’s health.