Say Goodbye to exam nerves…

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Every home should have a good selection of remedies on hand for use during these stressful exam times. All my children have enjoyed the benefits of homeopathic remedies before and during tests and examinations, which help them to feel relaxed, … Read More

Winter Natural Remedies

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As the seasons change over from autumn to winter, and your colleagues start arriving at work with red eyes and sniffles, it’s time to bulk up that immune system with a few of winter’s natural remedies. Rather than spending your … Read More

Psoriasis Natural Remedies

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For those suffering from psoriasis – an auto-immune skin condition – red, scaly patches will generally develop on the elbows, knees and scalp. This is caused by the immune system triggering the overproduction of skin cells. Fortunately, there are certain … Read More

Anxiety in Children – Natural Remedies

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Children can suffer from anxiety with detrimental consequences on their health later on if it’s not addressed. Where some children are generally anxious by nature, some have their anxiety triggered by a circumstance such as schools or public spaces. If … Read More

No pain, no gain, no healing!

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 So what is pain? Does it really exist? It can’t be scanned, scoped, measured in the blood, viewed under the microscope or projected on a big screen. It can’t be seen or touched! Mainstream medicine places so much value on … Read More

What do so many learning difficulties have in common?

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What do so many learning difficulties and childhood psychological issues such as ADD/ADHD, OCD , autism, bipolar, hyperactivity, dyspraxia, depression, anxiety,  bed wetting have in common? To the desperate parents of so many thousands of children diagnosed with a learning … Read More

Natural Remedies for Back-to-Work Blues

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January is renowned for a general downturn in mood as people return to school, work and studies after a long, fun-filled holiday. But there’s no reason why this time needs to be smothered in sadness. Rather than wallowing, take control … Read More

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