He slept through the night without coughing.

Concerned mother M contacted Eugénie about her son C…. “Gosh, I’ve never seen him like this before. He was listless the entire afternoon, and just wanted to sleep. No appetite. He played a bit in the bath, and is now … Read More

Silica pushes out thorn/splinter in 24 hours!

After much digging around P was unable to remove a thorn from his foot. After using Eugenie’s Silica formula, within 24 hours he was able to push it out easily.. https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/silica/ P – Johannesburg – 14 Feb 21

The Remedy is so helpful….

https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/neck-shoulder-tension-formula/ After Neck, Shoulder pain & stiffness for weeks , and no improvement from Physiotherapy this person saw Eugenie for one consultation…. “Thanks Genie, felt so much better after I saw you. Not fully recovered as yet but definitely an … Read More

Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray

Hi Genie, Sorry I never said Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray -T didn’t even need panado last night! J – Johannesburg – 29 Jan 21 https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/bone/

Such amazing results on my body.

Dear Dr Eugénie, I would like to commend you on your expertise and remedies which have had such amazing results on my body. I had thorough bloods taken which I do annually at an integrative health specialist and he was … Read More

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