Our daughter has not had another migraine

We were blessed to be recommended to Dr Eugenie. I was at my nerves end, after struggling with our daughter’s health issues. After several tests and the same symptoms for years now, she wasn’t getting better, struggling with the same … Read More

You have changed my life Eugénie

31 May 22 – :  You have changed my life Eugénie and regardless of what I feel sometimes your remedies are a God send. This world is nothing to what it should be and God gave us a chance but … Read More

Bee sting – fully recovered after 3 days

After being stung by a bee, E used the BEE sting allergy formula & antidote – after 48 hours the swelling almost completely disappeared. Day 1 – Swelling around sting site Day 2 – 24 hours later 48 Hours after … Read More

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