Our daughter has not had another migraine

We were blessed to be recommended to Dr Eugenie. I was at my nerves end, after struggling with our daughter’s health issues. After several tests and the same symptoms for years now, she wasn’t getting better, struggling with the same … Read More

The sprays have been life savers

The physician was soooo happy and pleased and she has put on 2 kgs where she was constantly losing weight the sprays have been life savers. Thank you so so much xx LB Johannesburg – 26 June 19

10 of the Worst GMO Foods for Kids

The introduction of foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in the 1990s was clouded in controversy and continues to spark debates about the need for food security versus the importance of organic food for human consumption. The nutritional value of … Read More

Natural Remedy Suppliers

With the many associated side effects of prescription drugs and constant exposure to chemicals on a daily basis, many people are turning to natural remedies as a more holistic healing option. However, it’s vital that the remedies used are authentic … Read More

Sweet dreams

Caitlyn hasn’t slept this well in almost 4 years! She now only calls me once a night to put her blanket over her and to put her soothing CD on. She doesn’t even get out of bed!! She also only wakes … Read More

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