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Goodbye to exam nerves

The symptoms of stress are caused by the hormone adrenaline which prepares the body for the flight and fight reaction – a certain amount of which is beneficial and assists us in ‘winning the race’. However, it may also bring on negative feelings, emotions and even physical symptoms which may include anxiety, apprehension or nervous dread, brain fog, weak memory, fear, anger or irritability, over-active mind, sweating, the urgent need to urinate, sleeplessness and even exhaustion.

Every home should have a good selection of remedies on hand for use during these stressful times. All my children enjoy the benefits of homeopathic remedies before and during tests and examinations, which help them to feel relaxed, capable, confident and clear thinking. To help you and your family survive exam time, we have combined several remedies into a potentised remedy called EXAM NERVES, which can be taken every half an hour in extreme cases.

Hint – Mums and dads – you can also use this remedy for any kind of panic attack or anxiety (and even road rage!)

Remedies to consider

Aconitum – your typical ‘panic attack’ remedy and homeopathy’s Rescue Remedy. To be used for a sudden and intense feeling of fright, panic, anxiety, worry and foreboding. Accompanied by oppressed breathing, racing heart, palpitations with stitching pains in the chest, flashes of heat, sweating. Panic tends to be worse at night.
Argentum Nitricum – headless chicken type of behaviour – when you panic or worry about a forthcoming event. For a highly emotional state where fears are running high. A godsend for anxiety accompanied by an upset tummy.
Arsenicum Alb – anal type of behaviour – for great fear, anxiety or panic accompanied by restlessness and exhaustion. Disturbed by untidiness, disorder or confusion. Oversensitive to pain, noise and odours.
Gelsemium – ostrich type of behaviour – especially helpful for anticipatory fears and panic before an event or interview. The person feels emotionally and physically numb with fear and can’t get motivated.
Lycopodium – for lack of self-confidence and courage. Apprehensive about forthcoming events. For a feeling of terror and panic before school, a speech or an exam. 

Exam stress & stage fright formula in our Symphony range