Diagnosed with a massive stroke, told he would never walk again. But he did! He is absolutely normal now.

Genie has been a huge part of my family’s health journey for the last 14 years; my daughter is 12 and has never needed a doctor; my son is 16 and hasn’t been to once since before he was 2. … Read More

Injured with a hockey stick, recovered overnight using Injury Recovery remedy

J got hit with a hockey stick yesterday on the nose…it was late so didn’t know if I had any sprays for him…well I used this one from when he had his teeth pulled… wow is all I can say. … Read More

He feels better than he has for months and is looking better too.

T started on the homeopathy treatment at 4.00 pm. yesterday. He took the dosage every hour until bedtime. He feels better than he has for months and is looking better too. I’ve only ever used homeopathy on A, when she … Read More

My Pug Tyson has been seizure free ever since consulting with Eugénie

My pug Tyson began having seizures in 2015. They would leave him feeling dazed and out of sorts. I took him to see Eugenie who explained that the diet he was on full of GMO’s and glyphosate was contributing to … Read More

He slept through the night without coughing.

Concerned mother M contacted Eugénie about her son C…. “Gosh, I’ve never seen him like this before. He was listless the entire afternoon, and just wanted to sleep. No appetite. He played a bit in the bath, and is now … Read More

Your Kind, Gentle and Patient approach really put K at ease.

Thank you for taking the time today explaining to K about Homeopathy. Your Kind, Gentle and Patient approach really put K at ease. (Never mind the knowledge that you gave her 😂). Being a race horse 🏇!! We will see … Read More

Silica pushes out thorn/splinter in 24 hours!

After much digging around P was unable to remove a thorn from his foot. After using Eugenie’s Silica formula, within 24 hours he was able to push it out easily.. https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/silica/ P – Johannesburg – 14 Feb 21

The Remedy is so helpful….

https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/neck-shoulder-tension-formula/ After Neck, Shoulder pain & stiffness for weeks , and no improvement from Physiotherapy this person saw Eugenie for one consultation…. “Thanks Genie, felt so much better after I saw you. Not fully recovered as yet but definitely an … Read More

Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray

Hi Genie, Sorry I never said Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray -T didn’t even need panado last night! J – Johannesburg – 29 Jan 21 https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/bone/

Ovarian cyst resolved completely after taking your remedies

Dear Genie, I just wanted to thank you for your help earlier in 2020. I had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that the doctors said would never clear up by itself, but after taking your remedies it has resolved … Read More

Such amazing results on my body.

Dear Dr Eugénie, I would like to commend you on your expertise and remedies which have had such amazing results on my body. I had thorough bloods taken which I do annually at an integrative health specialist and he was … Read More

My catarrh has virtually gone

29 October – After many years of problems with Catarrh; blocked nose/sinuses and a temporary loss of smell, J booked a remote consultation with Eugénie for both both herself and her dog B who was suffering from a dry cough.  … Read More

I can’t believe the remarkable progress that S has made…

S, a six year old girl had been struggling at school; distracted, hesitation, difficulty listening and following instructions, dreamy, spacy, and poor literacy. Educational Psychologist recommended she go to a remedial school. Her Mother gave the following feedback after 3 … Read More

Swelling/lump on neck below chin

R contacted Eugénie about her Husband’s “blocked saliva duct” / lump and swelling below his chin – After 1 consultation with Eugénie and 2 specialised remedies, a week later the swelling had reduced significantly…. see below     1 November 2020 – … Read More

ADHD /Behavioural disorders/Language difficulties/ Autism spectrum…

After our last few consultations with you remotely (by distance; we live in Cape Town) regarding our 4 year old son’s difficulties, we are seeing some nice and steady progress. We are noticing that he is actually getting more and … Read More

Kidney, Bladder & Urinary disorders.

Z, 55 year old Diabetic, complaining of Kidney, Bladder & Urinary disorders. After 1 consultation and 3 specialised remedies given to her – feedback received Thank you so much for your kind heart and assistance. Please be so kind to … Read More

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