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Mole cured!

About 10 years ago I noticed a large mole on my back. I noticed this mole because it was larger and more pronounced than the rest of the sun freckles that I have. About 6 months ago, after a few afternoons in the sun it started to change. It started growing and getting thicker…
My boyfriend and my chiropractor both noticed it about the same time and advised me very strongly to see a doctor about it because it did not look good. Actually, my boyfriend told me sternly not to use my ‘usual’ questionable ‘stuff’ – he was referring to the mouth spray remedies I get from Eugenie Rowson and The Remedy Shoppe. I decided to try a Thuja mouth spray, a ‘First’, which Eugenie had once given me for some warts on my face, for a few weeks and if the mole had not improved I would have to see a doctor – I was nervous and know that we should not take moles for granted… Well joy of joys, the mole had disappeared within just 2 weeks – that was 3 months ago. Thank you Eugenie!