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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

The beginning of the year is a stressful time for many people as families may go through many changes. Fortunately, there are many ways to relieve anxiety through natural remedies that can be easily sourced. Here are some of the best natural remedies to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile contains two relaxation-enhancing chemicals – apigenin and luteolin – and studies have shown that sipping on chamomile tea can actually relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia. The ritual involved in drinking a cup of hot tea – sitting calmly and thinking over the day’s events – will also aid in the process of relaxation.

2. L-lysine

Taken as a supplement, this natural remedy has been shown to reduce stress hormones and relieve anxiety. L-lysine is essentially an amino acid which forms part of the neurotransmitters – the brain’s chemical messengers – and can be found in meat, fish and beans.

3. Epsom Salts

This natural remedy contains magnesium sulfate, a very beneficial mineral compound that is known to lower blood pressure and anxiety levels. It’s best used in a hot bath which also assists in calming and mood regulation.

4. Lavender

In an essential oil form, lavender can be rubbed into the temples, dropped on the collarbone or placed in a hot bath as a way to reduce anxiety. There have been numerous studies carried out on the benefits of lavender, all showing the stress-relieving properties of the oil which lowers blood pressured and calms the individual.

5. Omega-3

Found in fatty fish (tuna and salmon), walnuts and flaxseeds – and readily available in supplement form – omega-3 fatty acids are renowned for lowering adrenaline and cortisol (stress-inducing chemicals) and improving mental states.

6. Magnesium

The evidence of magnesium in Epsom salts further shows the importance this mineral plays in chemical reactions that encourage feelings of relaxation. This can be taken in a supplement form, although it is also present in many foods (nuts, seafood, bananas), and is a great way to induce sleep – vital for remedying anxiety.

7. Exercise

Often there is nothing better than a good dose of exercise. The endorphin-releasing activities will alleviate symptoms of anxiety, but research also indicates that the increased body heat could actually alter neural circuits, enhancing overall mood.

8. Kava Root

This South Pacific root is making its way onto the African continent, offering an alternative natural remedy to anxiety. A member of the pepper family, kava can stimulate the dopamine receptors and lower anxiety levels, relieve stress and relax muscle tension.

9. Lemon balm

Since the Middle Ages, this perennial herb has been used for digestive problems, pain and stress alleviation. In addition to its soothing effects, lemon balm is understood to improve cognitive function, reduce insomnia and relieve indigestion.

10. Eat something

Many people get anxious when they are hungry, not realising it is the hunger that is stimulating this sensation. While eating for the sake of eating is not wise, eating healthy food options when hungry will reduce anxiety levels. A good diet is a long-term solution to anxiety – particularly eating a hearty breakfast meal.

11. Eugenie Rowson’s Anxiety, worries and fears formula

This natural remedy helps to relieve and overcome overwhelming and deeply ingrained feelings of anxiety and worry, unfounded fears, insecurity, fear of the unknown, nervousness and phobias. This natural remedy which comes in the form of a mouth spray promotes enthusiasm, a sense of fun, emotional calm and wellbeing, revitalisation and joyfulness.

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