Anger, rage & irritability formula 1M (High potency)

Use this formula to relieve feelings/emotions such as anger, rage, frustration, irritability, on edge, harassed & agitated, overworked, stressed, hurried, under pressure, annoyed, exasperated, intolerant, impatient, easily offended/touchy, grumpy, difficult to please, fault-finding, aggressive, road rage. Promotes a sense of peace, serenity and calm.

Can be used in conjunction with any other remedy.

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Anxiety, Worry & Fears Formula 1M (High potency)

This formula helps to relieve and overcome overwhelming and deeply ingrained feelings of anxiety and worry, unfounded fears, insecurity, fear of the unknown, nervousness and phobias. Promotes enthusiasm, a sense of fun, emotional calm and wellbeing, revitalisation and joyfulness.

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Depression Formula 1M (High potency)

Assists where there are feelings of melancholy, gloom, despondency and hopeless despair – for those who feel as though there is a cloud across their sun. Promotes a sense of emotional calm, enthusiasm and general emotional wellbeing. Heightens the sense of joy and interest in life.

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Grief, Shock & Trauma Formula 1M (High potency)

This formula is an electromagnetic solution of vibrational remedies known to help ease shock and grief after loss of love, heartbreak, tragedy, retrenchment. Also assists during periods of bereavement and loss.

Emotions that result after moving home, immigration, new & unfamiliar circumstances where there is a sense of not belonging.

Promotes and encourages emotional healing after any type of loss, trauma or disappointment. Assists with emotions such as sorrow loneliness, anguish, misery, depression, failure, mourning, regret and also where these emotions have been suppressed for some time.

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Immunity Trio

Protect your family against flu-like/viral sicknesses with three essential remedies to support and boost your immune system – prevent and overcome most flu-like/viral infections.

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Panic Disorders Formula 1M (High potency)

Helps to relieve symptoms associated with the sudden onset of panic and panic attacks, severe anxiety, and fears such as the fear of dying or of losing control. Symptoms may include breathing difficulty, heart palpitations, chest pains, dizziness, sweating, trembling, faintness, vertigo, hyperventilation, digestion disorders and sensory disturbances such as pins and needles…

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Stress Trio +1 Pack

3 essential remedies for burnt-out, busy executives, stressed students and worn-out moms, plus a free remedy…

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