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Holiday (Travel) Trio +1 Pack


3 essential remedies for travel and holiday time plus a free remedy…

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Colds, flu & viral infection formula

Take at the first sign of colds, flu and any viral infection to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Can also be taken as a prophylactic to strengthen immunity and resistance to colds, flu and viral infections.

Dizziness & motion sickness formula

For symptoms of motion sickness such as dizziness, vertigo and noises in the ears with tinnitus, which may be accompanied by nausea and anxiety.

Injury rescue formula

For use after all types of injury (blows, crushing, bruising, deep tissue, sprains, strains and tears etc.) as well as after surgery to promote healing and recovery. An essential component of every first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

FREE GIFT: Rescue formula

This bestselling formula helps to relieve emotional and physical symptoms associated with anxiety, panic and trauma. Use in any emergency or highly stressful or emotionally charged situation. Can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful or traumatic situation.

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