Mag Phos




Jolt bottle on palm before use.
Adults, children, infants & pets:
1 or 2 sprays in the mouth.
Half hourly on first day,
then 4 – 6 times a day.
Reduce with improvement.


Electro-magnetic solution of
200c potency. No physical origin.
5% alcohol & purified water.
Nothing artificial. Non-toxic.
Safe for pregnant women &
infants. 30ml. Made to order.

See label on bottle for remedy names.


Store in a cool, dark place.
Keep away from battery operated
& electrical appliances.

Best before:
3 months after opening.

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This remedy can also be used for :


Emergency, First Aid

Exam nerves & mental focus

Exhaustion – mental/physical fatigue

Lower back pain, lumbago & sciatica 

Muscle-ache & weakness, stiffness & lactic acid build-up

Period pain, menstrual disorder & premenstual tension(PMT)

Stomach-ache, abdominal pains & cramps, colic

Toothache, teething, dental pain, tooth abcsess & gumboils


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