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Women’s Trio +1 Pack


Three essential women’s remedies, plus a free remedy…

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Hormonal balance formula (women): 

This remedy for women promotes hormonal balance in teenage girls and women, thus improving both emotional balance and physical wellbeing. Helps to correct infertility, especially after prolonged use of artificial hormones.

Stress exhaustion & burnout formula:

For symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged stress. Assists with feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, exhaustion and burnout. Improves adrenal function and the ability to cope with and respond to everyday stress. Promotes a sense of enthusiasm and renewed interest in life, and helps to restore emotional stability.

Peace & serenity formula:

Encourages a sense of peace and emotional calm. Soothes and encourages serenity, tranquility and mental stillness. Promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


For moodiness and depression (particularly in women) that includes tearfulness, anger, a desire to run away and escape, feeling over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope or about to lose control; exhausted after prolonged stress and strain, argumentative (particularly with loved ones). This remedy has saved many a relationship and marriage.

What Eugenie Rowson says about Sepia: “If I could take only one remedy with me to a desert island (out of approximately the 5 000 available), then it would definitely be Sepia. This is my favorite women’s remedy. Excellent for promoting hormonal balance at any stage of life.”

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