N, living in Denmark, was struggling with behavioural difficulties of her son L who she adopted in Johannesburg – after a Remote consultation in Feb 24 Eugenie sent her a double set of remedies with a friend who was visiting. After a 2nd remote consultation on 8th April N reported that L was so much better….(see below feedback)

Feb 2024 – “In November my husband and I adopted a 2.5 year old boy from a children’s home in Johannesburg. L is very sweet and caring but has been struggling a lot with the adjustment – hence I have been struggling a lot! All from separation anxiety to intense tantrums, hitting, pulling hair, biting, scratching etc. He also complains about a sore tummy….

Would you be able to do a distance consult for us? I am a bit desperate, at the end of my tether and don’t know how to help him. Are you able to help?

May 2024 – “By the way, things are going soooooooo much better! He’s like a new child. I am soooo grateful ❤️🙏”


N – Copenhagen 29 May 2024


Things are going soooo much better! He’s like a new child…

I know I have literally driven you insane but I really do appreciate how hard you have worked at changing the way everyone does things
It’s a thankless job
I believe I have the organic tools now
I am so very greatful for all of this
I have also changed everyones eating at home


A – Johannesburg 29 May 2024

I believe I have the organic tools now..

Your treatments work and you are an absolute gift
Wow, this is soooo incredible 🙏🙌🏽 thank you for sharing. Wishing you and Simon a wonderful and blessed Easter too. And I want to THANK YOU for changing my life. We travelled overseas for two weeks and sprayed remedies daily and have all come back healthy. Your treatments work and you are an absolute gift 🙏❤️🙏

C – Cape Town 29 March 2024

Your treatments work and you are an absolute gift

Testimony: as a mom, it’s been a hard 3 weeks enduring something I initially had no idea about. In my first call to Dr Eugénie Rowson, my homeopath, I insisted it was a spider bite (the first skin lesion on the hip), below ⬇️


Then another one started below, and then in her nose and around her mouth. Then on her thumb. Before my call with Eugénie , I thought to do the right thing and apply Supriban (otherwise known as bacteoban). Post application of this, the lesion completely changed form. It became herpatic and blistery. Which led me to believe this was something much more.



After a week of treatment, I have seen miraculous results. I am so grateful


C  – Cape Town 1 Feb 2024

After a week of treatment, I have seen miraculous results. I am so grateful

Hi Genie, 3 days ago our 12 year old yorkie was decrepit and ancient, unable to move her left back leg, hobbling along. She was mopey, lethargic and depressed. 2 days after starting your protocol her leg is moving 100% perfectly, she’s bouncy and lively and happy and cheerful. She has a whole new lease on life! The clock has been wound back! I am so impressed with your skill and remedy prescription. The proof is in the pudding. It works!!!

H – Johannesburg 25 Jan 2024

12 yr old Yorkie “has a whole new lease on life”

Hi Genie hope this find you well… everything is now back to normal again😊….thanx for that.
All I can tell you….H did very well…the whole time he was with us…now he is back and school started yesterday.
Berno did test his blood and it was normal 4.8…we were so glad…
We gave him his meds regulary everyday …and send it too the mom aswell…hope she will help him to take his meds.😏
I think we must give him a remote treatment…to help him cope with all the new stuff😊
Please let me know when you can treat him …
Hope 2024 will be a great year for you and the family

V – Johannesburg 18 Jan 24

Everything is now back to normal again….all I can tell you….H did very well…

These are the ones for repeats… my winner team of remedies, designed and created by my brilliant homeopath!

Oh Genie… thank you from the bottom of my heart, for Everything, including your patience with me, and your willingness to answer another question after my time is up, re my gardener… AND for the spinal treatment. You are absolutely incredible!

Oh, and I forgot to answer your Saturday question… I will be using an oven for the bread baking. Thank you so much for helping me with that too, just when you have a chance! ⭐
Thank you so much for the generals to help with stress!

Thank you so much Genie for letting me know about the sand, for exfoliation, and charcoal… and re sunshine which is an extremely important reminder to me, and organic avo oil. Do you even bother with a face cloth?
I’m completely fascinated by what you’ve told me re your personal approach… this is vitally important info for me and all women

Good grief Genie… this feels like a miracle!! I can’t believe how you have just helped me…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this invaluable information, and for coming back to me so quickly, and for going out of your way and helping me outside of my appointment.
How God has blessed me in bringing me to your door back in 2009!
Go well til next time! ⭐

Incredible to hear that our no name fruit and vegetables can be organic export quality Genie! I would never have guessed this. What a blessing that you discovered this, through your brilliant pendulum work, and can teach the likes of us… big thanks to you! All the more reason for me to develop this extraordinarily empowering skill.

On the strength of what you taught me yesterday, please could I make so bold as to ask you for help as a plant physician? (Just if or when you have a chance…)
My young avo in a pot is battling, and I suspect it may be a soil imbalance. Just wondering if you could check for me, with your amazing chart and pendulum… I would be fascinated to learn more about how this works.

Also, another potplant which loses a lot of new lea…
Gosh Genie I’ve just been eating my heart out looking at your videos… wowee!! You guys are absolutely incredible! What an unbelievable inspiration! And to see you picking your first mange tout… oh what a feeling! You must be absolutely over the moon… I can hear in your voice your delight. Thank you with all my heart for sharing these with me… it is spurring me on like you can’t believe.
And thank you for the enormous help you’ve given me in this appointment… thanks be to God for you in my life and in this world Genie! ⭐

K – EL Sept 23 – Jan 24

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for everything

Thank you for all you do, your passion for wellness and homeopathy as well as helping so many of us against all odds.

Just want you to know you are appreciated for all you do

V Johannesburg 9/1/24

Thank you for all you do…


Our kitten Pippin fell in a boiling hot bath. The skin has already peeled off her feet which are bright red. The vet said there was a strong chance she would not make it, due to the severity of her burns.

Genie did a 1 hour distance consult with her and prescribed 3 bottles of remedies and lots of fresh, organic meat.

The turnaround after the session was immediate and profound.

Treatment with the remedies was highly effective. Her recovery has been astonishing. She turned around at deaths door and less skin died off than the vet expected. Her skin healed and her back quickly and her spirit was revived as she fought through the pain and emotional trauma resiliently.

I will not hesitate to book a distance treatment for any of my pets in future. Genie is a wise, experienced healer who uses science to support and nourish and stimulate the body for optimal, rapid healing












H – Joannesburg 31 Dec 2023

Kitten saved after falling into boiling water…

Happy New Year to you too. Wishing you love and joy and the strength to overcome all ❤️

Thank you so so much for all your support this year. You’ve been incredible and are such an inspiration and support to me I can’t begin to tell you… sending such love and thanks 🙏

H – England 30/12/23

You’ve been incredible and are such an inspiration and support to me….

Ella has had a normal shiney poo and eaten a big lunch is very happy!!! Completely different dog to yesterday thank you so much x

Sorry but must be nice to see this! Yesterday she was on 3 legs
Chronic diarreah and so miserable then this afternoon this!! Thank you thank you thank you

Video Player


J – UK 2 Dec 23

Completely different dog to yesterday thank you so much x

This poor patient got shingles 18 months after her “jabs”.  She saw Eugenie for a consultation who made up specialised remedies for the ill effects of the “jab” and to heal the shingles.

Without such help this type of extremely painful disorder can continue for many months, even many years.

The shingles healed completely; using a combination of the Shingles Formula and the Pandemic – Post “Treatment” Support (PPTS) Formula (see below).


Dreadful case of shingles is healed after consultation with Eugenie Rowson

We were blessed to be recommended to Dr Eugenie. I was at my nerves end, after struggling with our daughter’s health issues. After several tests and the same symptoms for years now, she wasn’t getting better, struggling with the same symptoms month after month. These symptoms escalated to severe migraines and her seeing spots and that’s when I contacted Dr Eugenie. After several years on antihistamines and anti allergy meds and a recent change to rupallerg, Dr Eugenie was the only Dr who picked up on the fact that it was our daughter’s prescribed meds that were toxifying her liver, hence her migraines and seeing spots etc (which also happens to be a side effect of the two meds she was taking). Not to mention her other symptoms, again, side effects of the meds she was on, flu symptoms, congestion, stomach ache, headaches, nausea etc.

Since that day, our daughter has not had another migraine and although she did have a couple of weeks of bad withdrawl symptoms (the other doctors said the meds she was on would not cause her any withdrawal symptoms but they definitely did) her health has restored to a normal balance. Although she now struggles every now and then with a headache or indigestion, within a short time using Dr Eugenie’s remedies, she gets better.

Dr Eugenie’s advice and diagnosis, based on tests and research make perfect sense and my husband and I had our appointments too, because we were on similar meds with my husband having similar symptoms.
After an afternoon of using Dr Eugenie’s remedies and other herbal meds she prescribed, my husband’s cough and coughing fits were basically non existent, we even commented on this fact, that same afternoon, in amazement and gratitude. My husband is still taking his remedies and they are definitely working and assisting him in staying off toxic medications.

Thank you Dr Eugenie. Our family is grateful for your assistance, knowledge and gift of healing with God’s pharmacy.

M – Johannesburg 14 Nov 22

Our daughter has not had another migraine

Hello Genie 🤗
How are you? I just wanted to give you an update on the Causticum you suggested for me. I really am feeling so much better since taking it. I’ve noticed I don’t get as angry and am better able to let go of injustices now.
Definitely been a positive change for me, so thank you!

N – Spain 2 Nov 22

Causticum – I really am feeling so much better since taking it

26 May – M booked a remote consultation for severe jaw/dental and Sinus pain

17 June – feedback received from M …..” Dear Genie thanks soooo much for helping to sort out my mouth issue. I have had no pain for over a week now”

Dental & Gum disorders formula

Toothache & Abscess formula

Electromagnetic pollution / Radiation & Heavy metals antidote (incl. Cardio V / blood support formula

M – Johannesburg 18 June 22

Thanks soooo much for helping to sort out my Dental/Mouth/Sinus issues…

13 June – Hi Genie. 😀 Gosh I’ve started having the most awful panic attacks in the car.🤦🏼‍♀️. Would it be possible to book a distance session when I book my follow up?
Sorry it’s taken so long, time is running away from me.

15 June – After a remote consultation with Eugenie Rowson this feedback was received:

17 June – Hi Genie. Gosh I am feeling sooooo much calmer. The heart palpitations have stopped and I’m not in such a hurry today. I’m so relieved.
I’ve been studying causticum, wow what an amazing remedy. Also cuprum, it’s scary how my mental match it. Always have if I think what a bossy child I was. I’m definitely the sergeant major in my family. 🤪

22 June – Hi Genie. 😀. Wonderful news, I can now sit as a passenger in a car. 🙏🎉. No shaking or shortness of breath or dizziness.
I’ll give it another few days and then attempt to drive myself.

Panic disorders formula

Dizziness & Motion sickness formula

E – Johannesburg 17 June 22

Panic attacks, dizziness & heart palpitations stopped with your remedies

31 May 22 – : You have changed my life Eugénie and regardless of what I feel sometimes your remedies are a God send.

This world is nothing to what it should be and God gave us a chance but we destroying this world. Thank you for everything.
I wish more believed in the gift of what you do and how simple fruits from this earth can help so much

E – Johannesburg

You have changed my life Eugénie

🌈Thank you Genie, I was truly blown away by your expertise and insight. Such a refreshing approach to the deep hole that we have found ourselves in since A’s ICU discharge – 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards, every day, exhausting 🙄 The added remedy for W was totally unexpected and he immediately took 2 swigs 😍 when I gave it to him. Your work is pricelass❣️yet you gave both me and A your precious time and from the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful. Let the healing begin 🙌 We will see you in a few weeks. Stay Blessed and keep sharing your most valuable skill 💖✨

I – Johannesburg Fri 22 April

Thank you Genie, I was truly blown away by your expertise and insight

Hi Genie, Sorry I never said Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray -T didn’t even need panado last night!

J – Johannesburg – 29 Jan 21

Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray

Hi Eugenie,

Thank you so much, feel SO much better.
Learnt my lesson, no more trying weird stuff. Just organic food and your remedies!!!
Gosh, what a horrible few months I’ve had. Feel so much better!!

Fiona – Johannesburg 11 Sept

Thank you so much, feel SO much better.

Always- been growing my own veggies over lockdown. Kids haven’t been sick for years now! Last time they saw anyone was you. You really changed my family’s life…..thank you, you are a gift. Everyone should see you just for the info on an organic diet alone….I cannot believe how your advise and non invasive healing helped me to make better decisions.

We all live a better life because of you. Thank you

A Johannesburg 27 June

We all live a better life because of you

Hi Genie, just some quick feedback. I have been off all asthma medicine for a week now. So off avamys, ventolin and symbicord. And therefore also off daktarin. Felling good and coping with lungs. Conjunctivitis still bad but not serious. Thank you👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏. This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!! Thank you again


S Johannesburg 17 Jul 20

This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!!

J has come out in a rash which is growing and we have a sneaky feeling that he may be having an allergic reaction to something…and I’m not sure if its a food type or clothes washing liquid…he is really cranky and very itchy

After 1 distance consultation with Eugenie Rowson and a recommendation of remedies as well as a change of his diet from GM milk, J’s mother gave us this feedback…

J is seeming so much better thanks to your therapy, advice and boost. We even noticed a tooth coming through so she was right about him teething! Thanks again

D – England 21 Jan 20

J is seeming so much better…

The physician was soooo happy and pleased and she has put on 2 kgs where she was constantly losing weight the sprays have been life savers. Thank you so so much xx
LB Johannesburg – 26 June 19

The sprays have been life savers

4 June 2019 – I am so grateful for your incredible service and actual health care for our family, and so many many others. Thank you for your dedication and the huge difference to make to our well being… Invaluable. ❤️ N, E Cape

I am so grateful for your incredible service and actual health care for our family….

8 Sept – Hi Genie! I’m sorry to message you so late. I took Floki to the vet yesterday because he’s been licking his foot and I was worried that there might be something stuck like a grass seed etc. The vet said that it looks like he was possible stung by something and I must soak his foot in savlon which I’ve been doing but it looks as though it’s getting worse. I can’t take a photo because he wriggles so I took a video

13 Sept – Also Floki’s foot is much better I need to take a photo for you. You are a miracle worker

You are a miracle worker!

Jock, a 2 year old male Boerbul was brought to Eugenie to assist with the following symptoms; painful body, can’t touch him, with a lump under his left front leg – lost weight, sore to lie on his left side and injury to his chin.

Eugenie treated him on the afternoon of the 4th July and gave him remedies and a skin spray for his wound – this is the feedback from Jock’s owner later that evening…..

“Hi Eugenie – I think the vet was right. Look at what is happening behind Jocks elbow. I’ve just read that this tick causes Heartwater disease. It’s a BONT TICK. He lives his medicine and I give it to him every hour. Even spraying on the wound but it hurts him. I’m so upset! Poor guy. PS the wound in his chin is literally closing already! Pic to follow ?
Loves his medicine (not lives) – by the way he was happy and bouncing around after I got home from you so the session really helped him. Thanks, N”

The session really helped him…

Cross Jack Russel/Pug, also known as a “Jug” developed lumps and round bumps/spots all over her body which were terribly itchy and very uncomfortable for her. She was given our Hives/Urticaria formula and within 12 hours the lumps and bumps were almost gone; 2 days later there was no visible sign of any spots.

Severe Canine urticaria/hives, almost gone in 12 hours!

[05/23, 19:21] Hello Genie, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have done with us lately! Especially last night with V. I truly appreciate all your support, guidance and help! Things have been very unsettled but it is always settling to know where you can turn to. Your work is admirable and I’m so grateful you are so passionate and determined! I know it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle but you are so gifted! Lots of love to you and Simon.
Also a big thank you to Simon – it’s always so nice to see his friendly face in the reception and to have all our interesting chats whilst I wait for the session! You make a great team the two of you. B

Your work is admirable

My husband won a competition in November where you sent us 2 headache remedies

– they were great & have really helped him as he’s stuck behind a computer all day so often suffers from tension headaches & neck tension.  We really appreciated this! Kind regards, Tracy

Headache remedies work wonders!

I would just like to express my very sincere thanks – I received my gift pack – The Change of Season Trio yesterday and have already started with the cold and flu one for the boys as they both have snotty noses!

The spray works brilliantly and they love the whole idea of the spray in their mouth 🙂  My nanny will start using the sinusitus one today so looking forward to her feeling so much better.

The packaging of the products is fantastic and I am impressed with all the information I received with it.  Thank you so much.

I am passionate about finding alternative ways of treating common ailments without the harmful effect of antibiotics and chemicals.  I love the idea of assisting the body to help heal itself.  I always used to be petrified when my boys had fevers but am much more relaxed now knowing that the body knows what it is doing and what the fever means.  Obviously I monitor it but do not rush for the panado immmediately!

Again thank you soo much for this wonderful gift back – it is already being put to good use. – LB

Sincere thanks

I am ecstatic to be able to tell you that the joint and muscle stiffness remedy that I purchased last week is already having an effect on my daughter!!

She has been diagnosed with RA and Fibromyalgia. I can’t wait to be registered as an agent. – Ankie (Pretoria)


Hello Genie,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my gift on Friday!  Really did not expect it but I have been using the Sepia and the Peace & Serenity this weekend and WOW!

What a difference – I kept thinking that perhaps it was my imagination but I cannot believe the difference in my energy levels!  I feel calm but motivated!  I want to do stuff and actually get it done!

On Saturday I spring cleaned the house and yesterday I worked in my garden non-stop for 5 hours!!!  Very, very unusual!

I am divorced with a daughter, 8 years old.  She goes to her dad every second weekend and I then usually “sleep” the weekend away.  For the first time in years I am starting to feel like my old self again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My energy levels have soared

I would like to thank you for recommending the Anxiety, worry and fears formula. I have been taking it for two months now, after having had a nervous breakdown and being hospitalised for two weeks.

I also started to lose my hair, which was one of the side effects of my medication. At my follow-up appointment my doctor was extremely happy with my progress. He weaned me off my medication and told me to keep on taking the homeopathic formula. Thanks once again for your wonderful range of remedies. I am very impressed with your products. If only people knew how well they worked; they would not have to spend thousands of rands on repeat scripts for medications. – Sharon

No more fears

Dear Genie

I wanted to let you know how much you have changed our lives.  I’ve always known about and been aware of homeopathy, but it was something I didn’t really understand.

Since I started using your remedies, read your book and subsequently became an agent, our lives have improved so much!  We no longer need the monthly antibiotics, anti-histamines, painkillers, cortisone nasal sprays etc.  I feel incredibly empowered as a mother, to manage my little girl’s health.  Same goes for myself and my husband.  I no longer have to fear every little sniffle.  Thank you for your support, for sharing your immense knowledge, and for coming into our lives!

Wishing you and The Remedy Shoppe abundance!

Suzanne Martin


I feel incredibly empowered!

Hi Genie,

I read your book after your mother gave me a copy.  I am a physiotherapist who has always been interested in homeopathic medicine to be able to give some advice to my patients to complement my treatment.

Your book was not only very interesting as it has clearly been written on an intimate and personal level, but easy to understand and refer to.  My compliments and best wishes!


Jenny Horbas

My compliments!

Dear Genie, Kathleen and Lynda

A HUGE heartfelt thanks for your wonderful talk on Saturday.  It was such a success and also very informative.

We know that you are prepared to travel long distances to spread the word of homeopathy, but we truly appreciate the personal sacrifices you have to make to fulfill your goals. Also,  your support for your agents is AWESOME.

Many, many thanks

Heartfelt thanks

Just to let you know the remedies are fabulous, cured my flu in just 2 days, thank you!!!! – Candice, Marketing Manager, Joburg

Your remedies cured my flu!

Dear Genie. Your book has truly changed my life.

I get up every morning and read it and CHOOSE to live a healthy, natural, balanced life TODAYand to give my children a mom who is present and totally committed to building happy, lasting memories with them. I eat more healthily, I have stopped drinking alcohol and I thank you sincerely for WHO you are and WHAT you do. – Lily Bickerton

Your book has changed my life – Lily

A beautifully illustrated, well laid-out guide for the modern parent. Eugenie Rowson does herself proud with this very useful and simple self-help guide for everyday ailments.

Homeopathic remedies are becoming more popular as our understanding of plants and their uses grows.

This simple, easy-to-use reference guide is a must in every home, and a wonderful addition to any book collection.

– Book review by THE PRE- AND PRIMARY SCHOOL GUIDE, SA, Winter 2009

‘A must in every home’ – SA Pre- and Primary School Guide

I bought a copy of the book for myself a few weeks ago.

So impressed, I gave it to my daughter-in-law, and now need 2 more: one for this home and one for my daughter!

Your book makes a wonderful gift – Tim

If you’re dabbling with the idea of alternative healing, but aren’t sure where to start, Eugenie Rowson’s There’s a remedy for that! is for you.

The book contains advice on homeopathic remedies for everything from abscesses and keloid scars, to insomnia and fears, and has space for you to note any progress or changes. Comprehensive and practical, it makes for the ideal ‘first-aid kit’ to keep on hand at home.

Longevity magazine
November 2008

The ideal first-aid kit for every home – Longevity magazine

The book looks really great, very fresh and most importantly alive!

I think you have really taken self-help homeopathy to a new level, from the commonly “marketed” dry, academic, stuffy and potentially quite boring approach, to a fresh, modern and living exposure of such a powerful form of natural health and medicine. Well done!

The book brings self-help homeopathy to life

What a difference it makes to feel that the author is a woman of substance.

A convincing, exhilarating, uplifting book with a wide appeal and witty style. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I am now an enthusiastic new convert to self-help homeopathy.

Convincing, exhilarating and uplifting

Hi Genie, Just wanted to say how brilliant your new book is and easy to use.  It is such an excellent book for the public introducing them to homeopathy.

This is also an excellent book for families and a sensible mother to use on her children! I I will be giving a copy to a good friend who is a herbalist but likes to use homeopathy as well. Well done for promoting homeopathy in South Africa and all the very best of luck!  Best wishes, Louise X

An excellent book for families

Thank you for your beautiful book. At last, a homeopathy book that is alive!

The book is a pleasure to pick up with photos and stories, and it is informative and artististically laid out. Your book will sit alongside my Helios first aid kit. Best wishes! Love from Linda (UK)

At last, a self-help homeopathy book that is alive

I first started exploring Vibrational Medicine when I couldn’t get rid of recurring tonsillitis. I was taking antibiotics every two weeks and even a drastic laser tonsilectomy didn’t relieve the problem.

Various remedies helped me to restore my immune system, my health and best of all, my vitality. Today, my husband and I and our two young sons, 6 and 4, all take Vibrational remedies for our various ailments, and it has saved us a significant amount of money over the past few years. As passionate followers of homeopathy, and true converts to Vibrational Medicine, we love your remedies and firmly believe that they treat the person, not the illness. Thank you!

Kay M

Vibrational Medicine helped restore my immune system

Thought I would share this…i had a check up with my ophthalmologist today for the ulcer…it is healing, albeit slowly. The meds he put me on are purely to heal the ulcer. He did a routine check of the pressure in my eye…it is down from 19 to 14….which is the best its EVER been in 5 years….and I have not changed any of my conventional drops to control eye pressure. This is very promising news!!!!! And im sure its the homeopath meds doing their thing… (Karen 24 Jan)

Thought I would share this…

Saw Eugenie for a consultation 2 weeks ago and since then difference is amazing, I’ve really started to feel so much better, and I’m using her remedies regularly…I’m a new Woman!


I’m a new Woman!

What an amazing experience, I’ve learnt so much and really look forward to a change of lifestyle and an improvement in my health

What an amazing experience…..!

Myself and my family have visited Eugenie Rowson a number of times and never once been disappointed. One particular occation was for my little girl who is now 3 years old. We had been to the dentist and told she had a cavity behind a front tooth. 2 days later she had terrible pain and I realised she had an abscess. The dentist could only offer antibiotics. I decided against that route. The next day her tooth started moving out of its socket the abscess was getting so bad. And in a lot of pain. I took her to Eugenie for some scio and we were given a remedy to reduce the abscess. By the next morning the tooth had receded back into its socket. We continued the spray every hour for at least 6 hours of the day. The following day the pain was gone and the tooth was back in place. The dental work was then done and there was no sign at all of infection. This was only one visit. She has cured this same child of chronic ear infections, leaky gut and behavioural problems as well. She is my first port of call for any health problems in my family. I truly believe she could cure absolutely anything.
Emma Groves, 36 year old mother of two.

I truly believe she could cure absolutely anything

Hi Genie, I just wanted to say a very, very big thank you for treating T on Saturday. We really appreciated your help, and have been blown away by what a fantastic recovery he has made and how good the injury is looking! Thank you so much! J

“….blown away by what a fantastic recovery he has made…”