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7 Home Remedies for Anxiety

natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is unfortunately a very common problem in our chaotic and busy lives. Not managing anxiety levels correctly can lead to a host of other health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, low immunity and various others. Anxiety and stress are catalysts for more severe health issues and therefore needed to be treated as a priority.

Home remedies for anxiety can provide great relief from the overwhelming negative feelings brought on my stressful situations. We list a few effective home remedies for anxiety below:

Home Remedies for Anxiety

1. Lemon Balm
Lemon balm (Melissa officionalis) is one of the excellent home remedies available for anxiety. Used in a tea or as part of an herbal supplement, lemon balm has been proven to reduce anxiety, tension, stress and insomnia. Lemon balm is from the mint family and gets its name from its lemony aroma.

2. Chamomile
Chamomile has excellent anti-anxiety properties as some compounds in chamomile bind to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium. Dried chamomile flowers chamomile tea, inhaling chamomile all have a calming effect and are one of the best home remedies for anxiety used today.

3. Passionflower
Scientists believe that passionflower works to reduce anxiety by increasing the levels of a chemical called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA makes you feel more relaxed by reducing some activity in the brain cells. Passionflower is one of the excellent home remedies for anxiety that can be used as a tea or tincture and has absolutely no side effects.

4. Exercise
Exercise may seem obvious however people often doubt the enormous benefits that regular exercise can have. By exercising at least 20 minutes a day you are able to reset your anxiety levels and introduce fresh, invigorating oxygen into your blood. This will help you to feel calmer and clear-headed and you will be able to tackle the world with renewed optimism. Exercise has a variety of benefits not only in curbing anxiety but also improving sleep, memory, energy and overall health.

5. Lavender
Lavender has been proven to help with restlessness, insomnia and nervousness and is another one of the excellent home remedies for anxiety available. Drinking lavender tea or inhaling the scent can certainly help to calm the nerves. Lavender is even used in baby products to help calm and soothe.

Here is an easy to make recipe for lavender juice that can be used to help with restlessness and insomnia:

• 1 tbsp. of dried lavender blooms stripped from stems
• 1 lemon
• Fresh mint leaves
• 2-3 tbs. agave syrup
• 5-6 cups of water

• Place lavender and 2 cups boiling water in a saucepan.
• Once boiled, remove from heat and let it stand for 20 minutes.
• Strain the mixture by removing the lavender and the mint. Leave the water mixture until it completely cools and then add the remaining water, squeezed lemon juice and the agave syrup and stir everything well.
• Place it in a jug and store it in a fridge.
• Drink this whenever you feel nervous or just before going to bed.

6. Warmth
Warmth for some reason has a very calming effect. It releases muscle tension and allows you to breathe and relax. There is definitely a reason that hot baths, sauna’s and hot springs have been used for centuries as a relaxation and leisure activity. When you’re feeling anxious try have a sauna or hot, steamy bath and see whether you feel less worried afterwards. Warmth is one of the easiest home remedies for anxiety you can implement straight away.

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