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A change of heart with Vibrational Medicine by Eugenie Rowson

For each of us, Valentine’s Day could mean so much more than a chance to gorge on heart-shaped chocolates, drink too much champagne or give a hopeful boost to the ego or libido. When it comes to health, we heal from the inside out and should therefore focus on our emotional dis-ease before we can see healing at a physical level. This means we need to get to the HEART of the matter, as the state of the heart is the centre of one’s wellbeing.

In my practice, I see an endless number of people who are suffering from the negative emotions of the heart, such as anger, grief, sorrow, resentment, bitterness, self-centredness, hatred, envy and greed. Over time, these emotions have manifested at a physical level as ailments such as circulation, blood, heart and lung disorders such as asthma, hypertension, migraines, shoulder and arm problems, to mention a few.

Of course, none of these physical disorders feels good, and the ultimate goal of a natural health practitioner is to find a natural remedy that can assist at an emotional level to help encourage the wonderful positive faculties of the heart, such as love, gratitude, joy, forgiveness, hope, trust, integrity, dignity, tolerance, kindness and empathy.

There are many substances from nature than can ignite these positive emotions to bring about peace and happiness. Vibrational Medicine uses many remedies that can bring about a change of heart and help correct the emotional dis-ease we all suffer with from time to time. The best thing each of us can do for our Valentines this year is to address the niggling emotional imbalances in ourselves. The right remedy will restore a wonderful sense of emotional balance, without any nasty surprises or side-effects.

Here are a few of the most popular universal remedies that get to the heart of the matter:

Aurum: This remedy is made from gold and is an important remedy for depression possibly brought on by the loss of love, grief or severe emotional stress where a person becomes despairing, tired of life, discontented and has a profound sense of worthlessness; the person may be full of self-condemnation and is the epitome of gloom and doom, fearsome, worried, hurried and quarrelsome; cannot stand contradiction and is liable to outbursts of rage with subsequent remorse. Aurum suits the person whose negativity is brought on or made worse by grey, cold, cloudy days, and is also the homeopathic treatment for SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Ignatia: Best used where the emotions are in great turmoil after shock, grief, loss of love or disappointment, and where symptoms of worry, anxiety or hysteria are most pronounced. This emotional state may be accompanied by symptoms such as hiccoughs, a lump in the throat, sighing, trembling and twitching, or even hysterical vomiting, diarrhoea or insomnia. Moods may vary from sadness, silence and sobbing to total uncontrollable or inconsolable hysteria; brooding or bottling up of emotions.

Lachesis: This remedy will help with negative emotions such as hatred, bitterness, jealousy and envy. It suits the person who feels sad in the morning, with no desire to mix with the world. The person may feel restless and uneasy, and is suspicious of others. All symptoms are worse after sleep, and mental labour is best performed at night.

Pulsatilla: For fear or anxiety about separation which leads to clinginess, tearfulness and emotional changeability. Fear of a loved one being harmed.

Sepia: My favourite woman’s remedy. Helpful for symptoms including sadness, tearfulness and irritability. The person is easily offended, snappy (especially with her husband and children); feels that she can’t cope and is exhausted. Sleep is restless and unrefreshing. She has low libido and cannot stand to be touched.

Nat Mur: For the long-term ill effects of grief (and even fear or anger) where the person will not let go of the pain, still feels emotional hurt, bears grudges, feels resentful and dwells on past emotional upsets such as separation, divorce, betrayal, financial difficulties and lack of parental love. Also helpful in cases where the emotions have been suppressed. This remedy will suit the person who appears ‘in control’, is irritated by consolation and prefers to cry alone. Where a friend or loved one seems almost too brave and stoic under dire circumstances, Nat Mur will ease their suffering.

Pink: The colour of universal mother love. It helps our capacity to give and receive love. It makes people feel good to be around pink. It can be used to help overcome shock, such as trauma, injury or grief, and helps when people feel tired, fed up or exhausted.

Green: The colour of balance. Soothes and comforts when we are tired and weary. Relates to the healing power of nature. Green is the easiest colour for the eye to see. It is a natural detoxifier and helps drain the body of toxins. Green soothes shattered nerves, promotes clear thinking and provides a sense of happiness and inner harmony.

Flower remedies: The Bach Flower remedies are very helpful in alleviating a range of negative emotions and can be taken with any other remedies or medicines. Always choose the remedy/ies that most closely match your symptoms.