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Herbicide, pesticide & fungicide antidote – Food & drink spray

Exciting new product !


Herbicide, pesticide & fungicide antidote formula –
spray directly onto your food and drink before consumption      

Watch this short video – Eugénie tells us more about her innovative formula :


We are being poisoned through the Genetic Modification and application of millions of litres of toxic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides on and in our foods and drinks.

We need to understand the staggering magnitude of the problem that we are experiencing worldwide RIGHT NOW, and in particular, in our own country. South Africa is considered the eight largest grower and consumer of Genetically Modified (GM) foods in the world!

Please watch GMOs Revealed, a brilliant 9-part documentary series that will bring you up to date on how genetically manipulated foods are affecting our health and the environment.



We need solutions!

Solution 1

EAT ORGANIC FOODS. This is undoubtedly the primary solution to this unprecedented threat to our health. Ask for it everywhere.. insist on it and support all the good people who are doing good things in the field of Organic foods. ‘Vote’ with your conscience and your wallet.

Solution 2

For the times when we cannot avoid a GM food or do not know the origin of a food …. we need Eugénie’s antidote formula – an innovative electromagnetic solution that will assist with reducing the toxicity / poisoning effect of most herbicides, pesticides and fungicides used on our crops in South Africa. Antidote them before they have a chance to affect your body and health. It only takes a few seconds and is so worthwhile. Can you afford not to?

Spray the Herbicide, pesticide & fungicide antidote formula – FOOD & DRINK SPRAY
onto your food and drink immediately before consumption.

Solution 3

Don’t despair. There is one other very powerful ‘antidote’ to the fear, and terrible effects of GMOs and associated poisons, and that is KNOWLEDGE. Eugénie has told over 4,000 patients (individually) about the hazards of GM foods and the need to eat Organic.

For lots of helpful information about the way forward in Organic eating, as well as the sourcing of Organic foods, drinks and even seeds/seedlings in South Africa, book an appointment with Eugénie Rowson for a full consultation and evaluation of your health.

You can also shop online at www.theremedyshoppe.co.za for country-wide delivery. For more information, contact 076 410 8262

Solution 4

Eat Organic!  ….