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How do I choose a remedy?

Consider the symptoms, keeping these points in mind: the location of the pain, discomfort or disorder on the body the sensation of the symptoms, i.e. what it feels, looks (including colour and texture), sounds, smells or tastes like the modality, which is the condition that makes the symptoms feel better or worse, e.g. weather, temperature, position, time, place, movement, etc.

1. Use all your senses and powers of observation to determine what is strange, rare, peculiar, different, unusual or a change from the norm.

2. Choose the remedy that best describes the symptoms. Up to three can be chosen and taken at the same time.

REMEMBER: There is no wrong remedy. You can only err by not trying and therefore not assisting the body to heal. Selecting the best remedy may take a little practice but you will get better at it. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, said that even if you take the ‘wrong’ remedy, it is bound to do you some good!