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Like a bridge over troubled water

The Bach Flower Remedies are very helpful in alleviating all sorts of negative emotions and can be taken with any other remedies or medicines to promote emotional calm and restore balance. Discovered by Dr Edward Bach (pronounced “Batch”) in the 1930s , the most popular of the Bach remedies worldwide is the well-loved and trusted RESCUE REMEDY, which is a combination of five of the 38 flower remedies. This formula is used to alleviate shock and trauma in any emergency situation, providing a sense of peace and calm, and increased coping ability. In homeopathy, we choose the remedy/ies that most closely match our symptoms. See if you can identify your symptoms or those of your loved ones in any of the following descriptions:

Sepia – for moodiness and depression (particularly in women) that includes tearfulness, anger, a desire to run away and escape, feeling over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope or about to lose control; totally exhausted after prolonged stress and strain, argumentative (particularly with loved ones). This is my favourite women’s remedy, which has saved many a relationship and marriage.

Aurum – this remedy is made from gold and is an important remedy for depression possibly brought on by the loss of love, grief or severe emotional stress where a person becomes despairing, tired of life, discontented and has a profound sense of worthlessness.

Aconitum (known as homeopathy’s Rescue Remedy) – for intense fear, shock or panic (after an injury or accident and even if you have witnessed an accident), anxiety or emotional turmoil.

Argentum Nitricum (headless chicken type of behaviour) – for anticipatory fears or apprehension – when you panic or are feeling worried about a forthcoming event such as an exam, public appearance, speech, air flight or interview. You feel that time is running out and you must do everything in a great hurry. Possible craving for sweet things.

Arsenicum Alb (anal-type behaviour) – for a feeling of great fear, anxiety or panic accompanied by restlessness and exhaustion. Disturbed by untidiness, disorder or confusion. This remedy is for the perfectionist type who nit-picks, analyses, worries and panics about the minutest detail. 

Kali Phos – an essential brain, nerve, heart and lung nutrient which calms the nervous system and improves symptoms of anxiety, general melancholy, panic, nervous tension, insomnia, depression and hyper-sensitivity.

– for lack of self-confidence and courage. Apprehensive about forthcoming events. Weak memory. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Little things annoy; extremely sensitive. Melancholic. You may feel that your brain power is fading. Good for calming exam nerves