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The Importance Natural Remedies for Healthy Gut Flora


You may be asking what gut flora is, and therefore why one needs natural remedies to keep this healthy. In short gut flora ensures the wellbeing of the body’s entire functioning and is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten organ”. 

What is gut flora made up of?
Gut flora is made up of trillions of microorganisms living in the intestine. These microorganisms perform various metabolic functions such as fermentation of undigested carbohydrates and the absorption of short-chain fatty acids. Bacteria in the gut fulfil a variety of useful functions including training the immune system to only respond to pathogens, stimulating cell growth, repressing the growth of harmful microorganisms and defending against diseases. There are many natural remedies available that can stimulate the effectiveness of gut flora and assist the body in increasing immunity to certain diseases.

How do I know if mine or my child’s gut flora isn’t healthy?
Gut flora plays a vital role in sustaining the body’s immunity levels. If the gut flora is not optimal illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, sepsis, colon cancer and inflammation can become prevalent, as well as more incidence of allergies, viruses and illness in general. Many people seek natural remedies to counteract these diseases.

Factors that decrease the effectiveness of gut flora
Antibiotics play a devastating role in the elimination of healthy gut flora. They should therefore always be prescribed together with probiotics or other natural remedies. Weight loss, pregnancy and other pharmabiotics also decrease the number of healthy microorganisms living in the gut and it is therefore vital that they are replaced with probiotics and/or natural remedies.

What natural remedies can I use to improve healthy gut flora?
Natural remedies such as probiotics, homeopathic remedies and vibrational medicines all work to drastically improve the state of an unbalanced gut. Vibrational medicines in particular are completely safe for babies, children, adults and pets to use at any time and are made using the electromagnetic vibration of natural substances such as plants, metals, minerals, biological substances, herbs, flowers, biochemic tissue salts and more to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to bring about good health. As they are made electromagnetically, they are fast-acting and effective for both acute and chronic illness. An example of these are Eugenie Rowson’s Vibrational Medicine which offers an extensive range of unique mouth spray remedies which are safe for adults, children and pets. These are available online at The Remedy Shoppe  www.theremedyshoppe.co.za or through their adjoined private practice and retail outlet The Remedy Shoppe, 24 Pipers Road, Douglasdale, Johannesburg.
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Gut flora is vital for the healthy development of a child and to prevent disease and illness in adults and children. Natural remedies are really the only way to repopulate the gut with healthy microorganisms for optimum health. There are many other illnesses and ailments that can be treated with natural remedies. Read more about 5 natural remedies to beat stress and anxiety as well as how natural remedies are beneficial over the flu season. For more information on natural remedies and vibrational medicines, go to www.eugenierowson.com.