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Nature’s gift to women – The simple cuttlefish (Sepia) offers relief to overburdened women everywhere

“Sepia? … Sepia? Where have I heard that before?” I hear you asking yourself.  Sepia is made from the ink of the cuttlefish and is a thick brown dye that was used in the olden days by artists and photographers for painting and photography. The homeopathic remedy Sepia is known to assist with numerous weaknesses, disorders and ailments, and will help you even if only one of the descriptions below matches how you feel.

On a daily basis, I meet women in my practice who need, and benefit enormously from the homeopathic remedy Sepia. In homeopathy we name a patient by the remedy that most closely fits a person’s whole picture of emotional and physical shortcomings, failings, weaknesses, limitations and infirmities. Therefore, when we talk about a “Sepia” person, we are talking about a person who would most benefit from this remedy. Although Sepia is known primarily as a woman’s remedy, it is also extremely helpful to girls of all ages and men. However, for the purposes of this article I will describe all the symptoms relating to the female gender.

In this hectic world where women all the demands of family, work and home, I know there are millions of women out there who would benefit from Sepia. Even though the Sepia woman may be full of doom and gloom, she is also tough (with a hard inner core) and is determined to get better and overcome her problems, ailments and weaknesses. The woman who needs Sepia feels tired, exhausted, washed-out, worn out and just can’t cope. After prolonged stress and strain, hard work, focused effort and endurance, she feels dragged down and overburdened.

Although this is very out of character for her, she feels there is no option but to run away from it all and leave husband, children, home – the lot! She wants to escape but at the same time she has a fear of being alone and seeks company.  (She behaves like the cuttlefish – a loner and an independent creature.) She has become indifferent to her loved ones and is averse to her job and everything that infringes on her sense of independence and identity. She is aggressive and snappy, especially with loved ones, and may even become aggressive defending her own space.

Emotions are a prominent disorder – she is sad, silent and solitary, irritable, anxious and restless. She is easily and often tearful, and even if she isn’t seen crying, the tears will not be far below the surface.  She feels lonely and overcome by life’s heavy loads. She is easily offended, suffers from mood swings and depression, and is prone to sudden outbursts of anger to camouflage and defend herself (just like the cuttlefish does when it spurts out a think cloud of ink to hide and shield itself). Fears may also be a prominent feature – like the fear of going mad or losing control, fear of solitude or impending doom, or fear of having an incurable disease.

She is invigorated by exercise or any energetic activity and she especially loves to dance (even when there is no one around!) Other symptoms include:

– Dizziness or light-headedness; hair loss.
– Headaches, especially around the time of menstruation.
– Uterus, bladder, rectum may be prolapsed and feel dragged down.
– Disinterested in sex and cannot stand to be touched.
– Symptoms of menopause and menstrual disorders are favourably assisted by Sepia.
– She cannot get off to sleep easily and wakes unrefreshed.
– She always feels tired and is at her worst from 4pm to 8pm; feels better after a short nap during the day.
– Circulation problems such as cold hands and feet (Raynard’s symptoms) and varicose veins.  She always feels better for warmth.
– Brown pigmentation on the cheeks (often see in pregnant women) or scattered all over the body; urticaria (itchy rash).
– Patchy, circular shaped eczema that is red and itchy and occurs mostly on the bends of the elbows and knees.
– Spots, acne and hormonal related eruptions especially around the mouth, chin & forehead areas.
– May experience nausea at the smell or sight of food.
– Abdominal bloating, flatulence, constipation and haemorrhoids.
– Lower back pain, especially while sitting and after doing housework, possibly with sciatica (pains down the leg) which is relieved by pressure in the back or sitting against a hard cushion. Knee pain and restlessness in the legs is common.
– Cystitis or urinary tract infections may be frequent.
– Slow urination; weak bladder – must go urgently, with incontinence (involuntary urination) during coughing or sneezing.

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