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No Need to Suffer Through Pregnancy – Eugenie Rowson

Vibrational medicine is ideal for women during pregnancy as it is a gentle yet highly effective system of medicine. Most pregnant women put up with all sorts of ailments during pregnancy because both main stream medicine as well as herbal medicines can cause harm to the unborn baby. Like homeopathic medicine, Vibrational medicine has no side effects. Our remedies are electromagnetic solutions that work by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms . By remaining as healthy as possible during pregnancy and overcoming all ailments naturally, you are creating the ideal conditions for your baby to develop and thrive.

What is Vibrational Medicine?

The evolution of homeopathic medicine to Vibrational Medicine is a bit like progressing from candles to electricity and light bulbs! Candles were made from original substances, but once we had learnt more about producing light, a very different and more efficient method was developed to stimulate vision – electricity and light bulbs! Similarly, an entirely new method of creating an electromagnetic solution using the vibration of natural elements has been developed and has proved to be an extremely efficient means of stimulating specific and known healing mechanisms of the body.

Instructions from nature

It probably sounds as incomprehensible to you now, as electricity and light bulbs sounded to people way back then! Nonetheless, it’s true – and it works! Vibrational Medicine is the newest and most innovative system of healing medicine available today and is growing in popularity amongst natural health practitioners worldwide. It is well understood that the human body is AT LEAST 100 times more sensitive to energetic stimulation than it is to chemical stimulation. Vibrational Medicine or energetic medicine uses instructions from nature to bring about perfect healing and offers a greener, safer, more effective way to improve your family’s health, boosts the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and strengthen one’s natural resistance to dis-ease.

Are there any side effects or risks of Vibrational Medicine?

Our remedies have no known side effects or negative interaction with any other medication. Never stop taking the medicine prescribed by your GP or specialist without his or her consent. NOTE: If symptoms are severe, do not waste time – seek the help of a healthcare provider immediately. Use your instincts and common sense. If symptoms show no improvement, seek professional help.

How is Vibrational Medicine made?

Everything in existence pulsates with energy and vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency – and we can now measure the frequency of thousands of elements including plants, metals, biological substances, herbs, flower remedies, biochemic tissue salts, gases, etc. as well as the frequency of colours, light, sound, gem stones and minerals, etc. Highly sophisticated technology has been developed where we can charge an alcohol and water solution electromagnetically to produce a solution that resonates at the same frequency of a specific element – we call this Vibrational Medicine.

I have extracted from my book some descriptions of the best recommended single remedies per disorder that will help you choose the most suitable remedy to match your particular ailments during pregnancy. For more comprehensive detail on ailments and best choice of remedies please refer to Eugenie Rowson’s book entitled : There’s a remedy for that! A simple self-help guide to the use of homeopathic medicine for everyday ailments. Reference copy available at www.eugenierowson.com

Our remedies are affordable, safe and highly effective. A single remedy can be used over and over to treat a host of different ailments. Choose the remedy that best describes your symptoms. REMEMBER: There is no wrong remedy. You can only err by not trying and therefore not assisting the body to heal. Selecting the best remedy may take a little practice but you will get better at it.

All remedies are available in mouth spray form as an electromagnetic solution from The Remedy Shoppe, 24 Pipers Rd, Douglasdale or shop online for delivery worldwide at www.theremedyshoppe.co.uk.

May I firstly introduce you to the remedy that has saved me so many times during my five pregnancies and is my all-time women’s favourite – Sepia.

Sepia – will help with :

• Moodiness and depression which includes tearfulness, anger, a desire to run away and escape, feeling over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope or about to lose control; totally exhausted after prolonged stress and strain, argumentative (particularly with loved ones). Fear is also a prominent emotion – the fear of going mad, of having some incurable dis-ease, or of impending doom! A truly awesome women’s remedy, which has saved many a relationship and marriage!

• Dizziness or light-headedness; hair loss.
• Headaches.
• Uterus, bladder, rectum may be prolapsed and feel dragged down.
• Disinterested in sex and cannot stand to be touched.
• Butterfly mask or mask of pregnancy. Brown pigmentation on the cheeks (often see in pregnant women) or scattered all over the body;
• Urticaria / hives (itchy skin rash).
• Aching, heavy legs.
• Difficiulty sleeping – wakes unrefreshed.
• Always feeling tired and is at her worst from 4pm to 8pm; feels better after a short nap during the day.
• Circulation problems such as cold hands and feet (Raynard’s symptoms) and varicose veins. Always feels better for warmth.
• Spots, acne and hormonal related eruptions especially around the mouth, chin & forehead areas.
• nausea at the smell or sight of food.
• Abdominal bloating, flatulence, constipation and haemorrhoids.
• Lower back pain, especially while sitting and after doing housework, possibly with sciatica (pains down the leg) which is relieved by pressure in the back or sitting against a hard cushion. Knee pain and restlessness in the legs is common.
• Cystitis or urinary tract infections which may be frequent.
• Slow urination; weak bladder – must go urgently, with incontinence (involuntary urination) during coughing or sneezing.

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Aconitum – if your back feels numb, stiff or painful; your hip joint and thighs feel lame and you have been feeling anxious, fearful or stressed, then this remedy may help.
Calc Phos – this remedy is suggested for sacroiliitis where there is inflammation and pain of the sacroiliac joint located at either side of the very lower back which produces pain in the lower back, buttocks, groin and the back of the thigh.
Rhus Tox – for pain and stiffness in the neck, lower back, hips, or sciatica pain from the lower back down either thigh, which is always worse during or after sitting or lying down, and feels better from moving about until the joints have loosened up. These symptoms are often brought on by sprain or strain, are worse during cold, damp weather and feel better for rubbing, movement and warmth.
Sepia – a helpful remedy where there is lower back pain; it feels like the back is breaking and is better for pressure with the hand or a small, hard cushion against the area; the limbs, especially the legs, feel weak, unsteady, lame, stiff, heavy or bruised. Pains are always made worse by bending, for example, when doing housework or sitting. Sometimes accompanied by pain under the heel.

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Belladonna – this is an excellent remedy for the classic throbbing headache that comes on suddenly, either in the forehead, or at the back of the head/neck or temples; feels worse when lying down flat and better when sitting or raised on lots of pillows. You feel hot but not very thirsty and have an aversion to noise and light.
Bryonia – headache begins in the back of the neck and moves to the front of the head, remaining over the forehead and eyes. Head feels like it is bursting or splitting, is very sore to move and eyes feel painful and worse for the slightest movement. May feel dizzy and even nauseous with a great thirst for long drinks.
Gelsemium – for a headache which makes you feel dizzy, weak and heavy-headed; or it feels like a band around the head; a dull heavy ache with heaviness of the eyelids; pain in the head extends from the temples to the ears or chin. Neck and shoulder muscles may also be sore.
Nux Vom – great option for headaches that result from modern-life excesses and would suit a working mother. Headache is frontal, seated over the eyes or at the back of the head and neck. Brain feels like it is swirling. May be worse in the morning, accompanied by irritability, impatience, light sensitivity of the eyes and an intolerance of noise or odours.

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Breast tenderness – Use a combination of :

Bryonia -Breasts feel hot, painful and hard.
Calc carb – helpful where breast feel hot and swollen and tender.
Phytolacca – a great mastitis remedy; breasts hard and very sensitive. Very helpful where there are also cracks and small ulcers about nipples.

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Bryonia – use if the stool is hard and dry, with a thirst for large glasses of cold drinks at irregular intervals. Person is often irritable.
Nux Vom – for constipation accompanied by frequent yet ineffectual urging to stool. Frequent, small evacuations. Irritability and impatience. Itchy, blind haemorrhoids may also be present.
Lycopodium – for constipation with ineffectual urging. Accompanied by bloating and much flatulence.
Sepia – for constipation where stools are hard, round dark-brown balls, glued together with mucus. Prolapsed rectum.

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Haemorroids (Piles)

Aesculus – for blind haemorrhoids (those that cannot be seen) with an absence of constipation; lots of pain but only a little bleeding; the anus feels raw and sore with burning pain and chills up and down the back.
Aloe Socotrina – this remedy is a God-send for haemorrhoids that protrude like grapes, are extremely painful and sensitive, and accompanied by constipation and burning pain in the anus and rectum.
Collinsonia – where there is itching and pain in the rectum like sharp sticks with painful, bleeding piles – this remedy is of great value.
Nux Vom – for itching blind haemorrhoids with a constant yet ineffectual urging for a stool. Accompanied by typical irritable bowel symptoms.

Eugenie Rowson’s Haemorrhoids formula combines all the above remedies and more, in a great tasting & easy-to-use mouth spray. Available from The Remedy Shoppe www.theremedyshoppe.co.za

Helpful tip : To shrink and retract painful (and even herniated) external haemorroids – Add one cup of Epsom salts to a nice hot bath and sit in it for 15 minutes twice a day. Amazing relief!

Digestion disorders , abdominal cramps, gas, nausea, vomiting, reflux, heartburn, indigestion

Arsenicum Alb – the first remedy for vomiting and diarrhoea. For cases of mild food poisoning with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anxiety, fever with cold sweats, feeling cold, weak, trembling and faintness. Reflux with burning sensation in stomach & esophagus. Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Great thirst for frequent small sips. Can alternate this remedy with Carbo Veg.
Carbo Veg – use when the stomach is extremely bloated and you need to burp constantly. You feel faint and short of breath and need lots of fresh air in spite of feeling cold. For constrictive pains in the stomach extending to the chest, with great bloating, flatulence and distention of the abdomen. The pain makes you bend over double. Cannot bear anything around the waist – need to loosen your belt. Alternate this remedy with Arsenicum Alb if vomiting and diarrhoea are present.
Cuprum – the greatest remedy for nausea with severe colic/cramps, abdominal spasms. Spasmodic, watery diarrhoea. Giddiness often accompanies ailments.
Ipecac – for constant nausea and vomiting with a flow of excess saliva in the mouth. No thirst. A clutching or cutting pain around the navel area.
Nux Vom – for nausea, vomiting and much retching as a result of over-indulgence in food or drink. Weight and pain felt in the stomach with lots of gas and indigestion. Great feeling of bloatedness. Heartburn & indigestion. Very irritable and fault-finding.
Pulsatilla – pain in stomach a long time after eating rich foods. The taste of food remains. There is weight in the stomach like a stone – food feels undigested. Bitter taste in the mouth. No thirst with dry mouth.

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Exhaustion – mental and/or physical

Kali Phos – one of the best brain, nerve, heart and lung remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion during pregnancy brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Brain fag. Poor memory, irritability, dizziness, shortness of breath on exertion, anxiety or feeling of panic; disinclined to socialise or go out.
Nat Mur – use for a general feeling of tiredness, weakness and weariness (especially in the morning in bed) accompanied by lightheadedness; headaches and irritability/emotional tension.
Mag Phos – this remedy is excellent for general muscular weakness and physical exhaustion.

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Leg cramps

Cuprum – the first remedy for cramps and spasms anywhere. Use frequently for rapid relief.
Mag Phos – an excellent remedy for general muscular ache and pains, muscle cramps and spasms.
Arsenicum Alb – helpful for cramps in the calves that come on especially at night.

Eugenie Rowson’s Cramps & Spasms formula combines the above remedies and more, in a great tasting & easy-to-use mouth spray. Available from The Remedy Shoppe at www.theremedyshoppe.co.za


Mood swings, irritability, tearfulness, anxiety, depression
– see Sepia above for best remedy


Swollen feet & ankles

Nat Sulph – the first remedy for edema and swelling anywhere, especially feet and ankles. Use before a long car journey or air travel for prevention.
Sepia – as mentioned above, this wonderful remedy will assist with swollen feet, heavy, aching legs, exhaustion and irritability at the end of a long hard day.
Arsenicum Alb – Swelling of feet with possible burning sensations even though the feet may feel cold to the touch. Works very well with Nat Sulph.

Eugenie Rowson’s Edema / swelling formula combines the above remedies and more, in a great tasting & easy-to-use mouth spray. Available from The Remedy Shoppe at www.theremedyshoppe.co.za


Thrush / fungal infection

Borax – an excellent remedy to alleviate the symptoms of thrush or fungal infection especially as a result of having taken antibiotics; there may be a white fungus-like growth on the tongue or a thick white coating seen especially at the back of the tongue; mouth feels hot and tender, mouth ulcers may also be present which bleed when touched or when eating; offensive, loose stool or diarrhoea; vaginal thrush where there is a discharge like the white of an egg which itches or burns; the sufferer feels extremely anxious.
Kali Mur – for thrush or a fungal infection that shows as a white or gray coating at the back of the tongue; white ulcers in the mouth; helpful for vaginal thrush where there is a milky white discharge of mucus that does not cause much irritation.
Sepia – a helpful remedy for vaginal thrush where there is a yellow/greenish vaginal discharge which causes much itching and discomfort.

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Calc Fluor – calcium fluoride is the essential element of elasticity throughout the body and helps to reduce symptoms such as varicose veins, haemorrhoids, prolapsed organs, dry or cracked skin, fissures, brittle bones and teeth; an important remedy to be taken throughout pregnancy for the prevention of stretch marks. Take after childbirth to improve return of proper elasticity of the body and continued prevention / correction of stretch marks and scaring.

Eugenie Rowson’s Scar tissue, keloids & stretchmarks formula combines the above remedies and more, in a great tasting & easy-to-use mouth spray. Available from The Remedy Shoppe at www.theremedyshoppe.co.za