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Panic attacks, anxiety and heart palpitations

Q: What would you suggest for the following symptoms?

I’m 45 and entering the menopause. Over the last few years my menstrual cycle has altered quite subtly. i.e. periods every 28 days rather than every 31 days, periods heavier, lasting longer with some pre menstrual cramping (something I’d never experienced before). These are not the symptoms which are bothering me most however. 

I’m most bothered by the anxiety which arrives about 3 or 4 days premenstually and lasts about 3 days. During this time I also tend to feel unable to focus properly on any task or to think clearly. My energy levels have really plummeted over the past year and i’ve put on about half a stone, though my diet and exercise regime remains the same.
I’ve tried lachesis, and sepia, without any great effect. I wonder if you could suggest anything. I’ve always been an anxious person, something i’d really like to shake off.
A: I would suggest Thlaspi Bursa for the heavy, painful periods. Continue this remedy daily for a few months until you have seen that your menstrual symptoms have improved. For anxiety I would suggest Aconitum and Kali Phos.
Q: Can you please recommend something natural for heart palpitations?
A: Aconitum is the first remedy for heart palpitations. It is known as homeopathy’s Rescue Remedy and, as a polychrest, it has many other uses, including being highly effective to alleviate anxiety, fear, shock and panic, and sleeplessness. It is also the first remedy to take at the onset of colds and flu, fever and sore throats.
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