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Possible Causes of Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain


If you’re suffering from neck, shoulder and upper back problems and possibly arm pain requiring repeated therapy that has not corrected the problem, this could very possibly be related to an underlying disorder of the small intestine, large intestine or general digestive system – each of which has its own life flow of energy which is called a meridian. Each of these meridians channels energy along its own unique path around the body. Should a meridian’s related organ be disordered, the path of the meridian may also, in turn, show signs of such disorder – such as neck, shoulder, upper back or arm pain or tension.

The Small Intestine Meridian runs from the right hand pinky finger, up the inner part of the right arm, across the upper back to the right shoulder, and up the right side of the neck; the Large Intestine Meridian runs from the left hand index finger, up along the outer part of the left arm, across the left shoulder.


An ‘imbalance’ in energy flow along these meridians, caused by the disorder of its related organ may therefore cause many disorders such as fibromyalgia, rotator cuff syndrome, adhesive capsulitis/’frozen shoulder’. Should you be suffering any constant nerve, muscle or joint pain in the latter areas of your body, it is important to address the cause and, of course, seek a good, natural mode of treatment – or, healing.

Common causes of disorder to the small and large intestine may include toxicity from herbicides, pesticides or chemicals, or from genetically modified foods, or a general lack of nutrients owing to excessive ‘junk food’.

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