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Spring is sprung, the grass is ris … I wonder what the best remedy is?!

Whoo hooo! The change of season is definitely here but unfortunately for many, so too is the sneezing, sniffing, snorting, runny nose, rhinitis, red/puffy/scratchy eyes, headache, raspy throat, post nasal drip and tiredness! This newsletter focuses on the effective treatment of the many dreaded hayfever and allergy symptoms, together with our most popular formulas, for their fast and effective relief …

What is hayfever?

Any dis-ease or disorder in the body is caused by internal or external stressors which come from many sources such as toxicity, trauma, pathogens, emotional factors (fear, anxiety, anger), pollution, poor nutrition, heredity factors, poor living conditions, lifestyle issues, lack of sleep, overwork, stress and environmental changes (temperature, altitude, damp, dryness, etc.) The symptoms that we see or feel are the body’s efforts to heal itself.

Hayfever is, quite simply, an overreaction to something in our environment such as cat hair, grass, pollen and dust. If you encourage your body’s healing mechanisms and restore balance, your symptoms will disappear.

What are the symptoms?

Everybody reacts differently to different stressors, and at different times. Some hayfever sufferers experience a dry scratchy throat, while others have violent sneezing and streaming eyes. Yet others get swollen puffy eyes and a sore throat, and cannot tolerate a warm stuffy room. Hayfever is also often accompanied by headaches, tiredness and exhaustion, or feeling chilly.

Suppressing our symptoms

Many thousands are spent every year on sensitivity/allergy tests, and then what?

Well, most conventional medicines work by suppressing our symptoms – for example, by drying up a runny nose. However, these symptoms are the body’s way of dealing with and eventually overcoming an overreaction to a possible aggravating substance which we call an allergen . The allergen is not the cause, otherwise we would all have the same reaction to it.

Rather, the weakness lies with the person over-reacting to the allergen. Therefore, if we keep SUPPRESSING our symptoms, our body will never get the chance to heal and restore balance. A chronic illness is one that your body has never had the chance to overcome.

If you suppress your symptoms, your body will continue to overreact to those irritants. However, if you stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms, for example through the use of a homeopathic remedy, balance will be restored and you will not keep experiencing the same symptoms over and over again. By stimulating a person’s vital force and restoring balance, homeopathic medicine encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restores harmony to the body.


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