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Suffering from tonsilitis with throat ulcers

Q: Eugenie, I have been battling with chronic tonsilitis for ± 12 years. I am now 40 and the ENT specialist has suggested tonsilectomy but at this stage in my life I am too terrified! I really SUFFER with little ulcers on my pallet and back of my throat. I also have a little growth on my epiglotis. Any suggestions to ease this would be greatly appreciated.

A: Dear Susan The following remedies would suit your particular combination of symptoms:

Merc Sol
Merc Corrosivus
Merc Iodatus Flavus

All three remedies should be taken together, 4 – 6 times a day. Only Merc Sol is available through our website … but if you pay for 3 x Merc Sol – just make a note to us in the Comments section when purchasing the remedies that these should be Merc Sol, Merc Cor & Merc IF. The characteristics of your chronic tonsillitis could relate to mercury toxicity which you would get from the old amalgam (metal) fillings. If you have many of these it may be a sensible idea to have these changed to the white, porcelain type by a dentist who specialises in the careful/safe removal of these old fillings. Let us know how you do. Genie