Kitten saved after falling into boiling water…


Our kitten Pippin fell in a boiling hot bath. The skin has already peeled off her feet which are bright red. The vet said there was a strong chance she would not make it, due to the severity of her burns.

Genie did a 1 hour distance consult with her and prescribed 3 bottles of remedies and lots of fresh, organic meat.

The turnaround after the session was immediate and profound.

Treatment with the remedies was highly effective. Her recovery has been astonishing. She turned around at deaths door and less skin died off than the vet expected. Her skin healed and her back quickly and her spirit was revived as she fought through the pain and emotional trauma resiliently.

I will not hesitate to book a distance treatment for any of my pets in future. Genie is a wise, experienced healer who uses science to support and nourish and stimulate the body for optimal, rapid healing












H – Joannesburg 31 Dec 2023