Our daughter has not had another migraine

We were blessed to be recommended to Dr Eugenie. I was at my nerves end, after struggling with our daughter’s health issues. After several tests and the same symptoms for years now, she wasn’t getting better, struggling with the same symptoms month after month. These symptoms escalated to severe migraines and her seeing spots and that’s when I contacted Dr Eugenie. After several years on antihistamines and anti allergy meds and a recent change to rupallerg, Dr Eugenie was the only Dr who picked up on the fact that it was our daughter’s prescribed meds that were toxifying her liver, hence her migraines and seeing spots etc (which also happens to be a side effect of the two meds she was taking). Not to mention her other symptoms, again, side effects of the meds she was on, flu symptoms, congestion, stomach ache, headaches, nausea etc.

Since that day, our daughter has not had another migraine and although she did have a couple of weeks of bad withdrawl symptoms (the other doctors said the meds she was on would not cause her any withdrawal symptoms but they definitely did) her health has restored to a normal balance. Although she now struggles every now and then with a headache or indigestion, within a short time using Dr Eugenie’s remedies, she gets better.

Dr Eugenie’s advice and diagnosis, based on tests and research make perfect sense and my husband and I had our appointments too, because we were on similar meds with my husband having similar symptoms.
After an afternoon of using Dr Eugenie’s remedies and other herbal meds she prescribed, my husband’s cough and coughing fits were basically non existent, we even commented on this fact, that same afternoon, in amazement and gratitude. My husband is still taking his remedies and they are definitely working and assisting him in staying off toxic medications.

Thank you Dr Eugenie. Our family is grateful for your assistance, knowledge and gift of healing with God’s pharmacy.

M – Johannesburg 14 Nov 22