The session really helped him…

Jock, a 2 year old male Boerbul was brought to Eugenie to assist with the following symptoms; painful body, can’t touch him, with a lump under his left front leg – lost weight, sore to lie on his left side and injury to his chin.

Eugenie treated him on the afternoon of the 4th July and gave him remedies and a skin spray for his wound – this is the feedback from Jock’s owner later that evening…..

“Hi Eugenie – I think the vet was right. Look at what is happening behind Jocks elbow. I’ve just read that this tick causes Heartwater disease. It’s a BONT TICK. He lives his medicine and I give it to him every hour. Even spraying on the wound but it hurts him. I’m so upset! Poor guy. PS the wound in his chin is literally closing already! Pic to follow ?
Loves his medicine (not lives) – by the way he was happy and bouncing around after I got home from you so the session really helped him. Thanks, N”