Sincere thanks

I would just like to express my very sincere thanks – I received my gift pack – The Change of Season Trio yesterday and have already started with the cold and flu one for the boys as they both have snotty noses!

The spray works brilliantly and they love the whole idea of the spray in their mouth 🙂  My nanny will start using the sinusitus one today so looking forward to her feeling so much better.

The packaging of the products is fantastic and I am impressed with all the information I received with it.  Thank you so much.

I am passionate about finding alternative ways of treating common ailments without the harmful effect of antibiotics and chemicals.  I love the idea of assisting the body to help heal itself.  I always used to be petrified when my boys had fevers but am much more relaxed now knowing that the body knows what it is doing and what the fever means.  Obviously I monitor it but do not rush for the panado immmediately!

Again thank you soo much for this wonderful gift back – it is already being put to good use. – LB