Things are going soooo much better! He’s like a new child…

N, living in Denmark, was struggling with behavioural difficulties of her son L who she adopted in Johannesburg – after a Remote consultation in Feb 24 Eugenie sent her a double set of remedies with a friend who was visiting. After a 2nd remote consultation on 8th April N reported that L was so much better….(see below feedback)

Feb 2024 – “In November my husband and I adopted a 2.5 year old boy from a children’s home in Johannesburg. L is very sweet and caring but has been struggling a lot with the adjustment – hence I have been struggling a lot! All from separation anxiety to intense tantrums, hitting, pulling hair, biting, scratching etc. He also complains about a sore tummy….

Would you be able to do a distance consult for us? I am a bit desperate, at the end of my tether and don’t know how to help him. Are you able to help?

May 2024 – “By the way, things are going soooooooo much better! He’s like a new child. I am soooo grateful ❤️🙏”


N – Copenhagen 29 May 2024