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Top 10 remedies for autumn

When choosing a homeopathic remedy, keep these points in mind:

1. Where is the pain/disorder?

2. What does it feel like?

3. What makes it better or worse?

Top remedies for autumn

Always choose the remedy/ies that best describes YOUR specific symptoms.

Allium Cepa – for much sneezing with a watery nasal discharge which burns the upper lip and nostrils, with rawness in the nose. Eyes may also be watery but not burning. Also for sensitivity to odours and spring-time pollens.

Arsenicum Alb – for excessive sneezing with lots of clear, watery nasal discharge which burns a red streak on the upper lip and nostrils. The person feels cold, anxious and restless, and symptoms may be accompanied by thirst, with a wheezy chest and tickling in the nose.

Dulcamara – for typical symptoms of hayfever where eyes are streaming and become puffy and swollen. Eyes may exude a thick yellowy discharge. Also for constant sneezing with profuse watery discharge from nose, which may also become blocked and swollen. Helpful for cold sores on the lips. This is a great remedy for symptoms brought on by freshly cut grass.

Euphrasia – for burning, watery eyes, a non-burning runny nose with sneezing. Absence of fever. Use in cases of conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis or hayfever where lids are swollen and the edges of the lids are red and sore; possibly with a thick sticky discharge. Eyes water constantly.

Hepar Sulph – nose may start running and then become stuffy and blocked-up with a thick, slimy yellow or greeny/yellow mucus. Person feels very sensitive and chilly. May be accompanied by sinus pain and painful cold sores. Helpful for a stuffy nose and sneezing that comes on every time you walk into a cold environment. There may be hoarseness with loss of voice; wheezy chest; yellowy/green nasal mucus. Person feels cold and emotionally sensitive and needs to keep wrapped up warmly.

Nat Mur – for symptoms that start suddenly with violent sneezing, and streaming eyes and nose. Headache. Eyes are red, sore and itchy. Tickling in the throat. Loss of taste and smell. The person may have a desire for salty foods.

Sabadilla – for spasmodic and violent sneezing with blocked nostrils and copious watery discharge from the nose; watering from the eyes with redness and burning of the eyes and eye lids; snoring. May be accompanied by a dry sore throat with much tough phlegm which is difficult to move. The person may have the sensation of a lump in the throat causing a constant desire to swallow. No thirst. Desire for warm food and drink, which brings some relief.

Gelsemium – sneezing with a hot face; feeling of great heaviness and tiredness in the whole body. Lots of sneezing and tingling in the nose with watery, burning discharge. Strange feeling from the throat up to the left nostril like a stream of burning water. Head feels dull and heavy; eyelids are heavy and you can hardly keep them open. Itching and tickling at the back of the mouth and throat; shaky with general muscular weakness.

Ranunculus – for a stuffy nose that is worse in the evening, with pressure at the root of the nose and tingling and crawling inside the nasal cavity; lips burn and are sore; eyes sting and itch; hoarseness.

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