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Which Bach remedy are you?

Agrimony  Suffers in silence, hides emotional distress and turmoil behind a brave face. Does not want others to know of their suffering. Internal torture. Cannot bear confrontation or upset of any kind.

Aspen  Fears of unknown origin which sufferer cannot speak of because it is difficult to explain. Fears that are not clearly understood or recognised. Feels a sense of apprehension or foreboding. Typical fears of young children. 

Beech  Intolerant. Critical. Passes judgements. Lacks humility. Nothing is right. Lacks understanding and sees only the worst in others.

Centaury  Weak-willed. Too easily influenced and willing to serve. Submissive. Imprudent in giving to others. Helpful after a prolonged illness.

Cerato  Knows his own mind and can make decisions but there is distrust of self. Doubts own ability. Seeks confirmation, advice or reassurance from others. Foolish. Talkative. Has definite opinions. Persistent questioning.

Cherry Plum  Fear of death. Fear of losing mental control and of doing frightful things. On the verge of a nervous breakdown  suicidal, depressed. 

Chestnut Bud  Fails to learn from experience. Lacks observation. Needs repetition. Tends to forget the past.

Chicory  Possessiveness. Self-love. Self-pity. Tyrants. Always correcting others. Emotional toxicity.

Clematis  Day-dreamer. Inattentive and indifferent. Pre-occupied with thoughts rather than actions. Reflects constantly on fantasies and finds it hard to come down to earth. Escapes reality. Apathetic. Mediumistic. Heavy sleepers.

Crab Apple  Self-disgust. Self-condemnation. Just don’t like themselves. Cleanser. Despair. Over-concentration on trivia/unimportant details. Despondency. Restores a sense of proportion.

Elm  Occasional feelings of inadequacy. Exhaustion from over-striving for perfection. Excessive ambition and enthusiasm. Responsibility is proving too weighty and inadequacy is creeping in.

Gentian  Doubt, despondency, discouragement. Negative outlook. Refuse to believe their own lack of faith. Easily discouraged. First stage of hopelessness.

Gorse  Hopeless despair. Lost heart. Good in long illness. Feels incurable and that suffering is inevitable. ‘I’ll try it, but what’s the use?’ Needs sunshine. Intermediate state of hopelessness.

Heather  Self-centred. Self concern. Poor listeners. Need to talk  about ailments, self, trivia.

Holly  Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion. For all that is not love. Insecurity. Aggression worse from hatred.

Honeysuckle  Mind is enslaved by the past whether memories are of happier days or full of regrets and sorrow. Nostalgic. Homesick. Removes regrets and sorrows.

Hornbeam  Tiredness, weariness. Mental and physical exhaustion. Can’t face the day. Doubts ability yet finds the strength to carry on. Gives backbone.

Impatiens  Impatience, irritability, extreme mental tension. Prefers to work alone and does not like to be hindered by others who are slow. Active, nervous, does everything quickly. Seems to be in a race.

Larch  Lack of confidence. Expects to fail and therefore makes no attempt. Feels less capable than others. False modesty in admiration of others.

Mimulus  Fears of a known origin. Fears and anxiety about all the hazards of difficulties of everyday life. Fear of any definite thing or situation. Shy. Hides anxieties. Afraid or nervous of demanding situations.

Mustard  Black depression. Melancholy. Gloom. Hopeless despair for no reason. All thoughts are of self. A cloud across their sun.

Oak  Despairing yet never ceases efforts. Inner strength is beginning to fade yet still gets on with life. Courageous and does not mind that others know of their trials. Discontent from poor health interfering with work. Reliable. Dependable. Likes to help others. Restores the natural fighting spirit.

Olive  Complete exhaustion. Mental fatigue. Long-suffering under adverse conditions. Mind and body are utterly weary and drained. Everything is an effort. Helpful in convalescence.

Pine  Self reproach. Feelings of guilt. Never content with achievements. Too humble and apologetic. Feels guilty for own errors and is even prepared to blame self for others’ mistakes.

Red Chestnut  Excessive fear. Anxiety for others. Fears the worst and anticipates others’ misfortunes.

Rescue Remedy (a mix of Cherry Plum, Clematis,  Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem) Use for any kind of emergency.

Rock Rose  Terror. Panic. Extreme fright. Frightened for others who are sick or injured.

Rock Water  Self-repression. Self-denial. Martyrdom. Strong opinions. Strict. Sense of spiritual pride. Hard task-masters. Scrupulous.

Scleranthus  Uncertain, indecisive, hesitant. In two minds. Finds it difficult to say yes or no. Cannot choose or make decisions. Swayed between two things or possibilities. Experiences extremes. Unreliable.

Star of Bethlehem  After-effects of physical or mental shock. Trauma and suppressed trauma. Ailments with no apparent cause.

Sweet Chestnut  Extreme mental anguish. Hopeless despair at limit of endurance. Utter despair and anguish. Feels utterly alone.

Vervain  Strain, stress, tension, over-enthusiasm, over-effort. Will is too strong for body and the person ‘lives on their nerves’. Time seems to be working against you. Feels tense and frustrated. Strong opinion imposed on others.

Vine  Dominating, forceful, ambitious, efficient, strong-willed. Quick-thinkers in emergency. Like to lay down the law and want things done their way. No desire to convert others, just expect obedience.

Walnut  Need to break free from past influences but unable to adjust to new surroundings or conditions of life. Helps with change and to move on. Oversensitive to ideas and influences. Definite ideals and ambitions, yet can be swayed by stronger personality.

Water Violet  Proud, quiet, gentle. Great inner peace and serenity. Shows little emotion and prefers not to become involved in the affairs of others. Goes their own way. Aloof. Bears grief in silence. Condescending.

White Chestnut  Persistent unwanted thoughts; mental arguments and internal conversation. Insomnia from thoughts. Obsession.

Wild Oat  Uncertainty, despondency, dissatisfaction. Talented. Definite characters. Uncertain of how to proceed. Never knows what he wants.

Wild Rose  Resignation. Apathetic with no set ambition. Does not complain. Believes in fate and accepts his lot in life. No joy or pleasures. Surrenders to ‘life as a struggle’. Makes little effort. Believes if it’s going to happen, it will happen.

Willow  Resentment, bitterness. Blames everyone but himself for everything. Feels life has been very unfair. Feels unjustly singled out. Has a chip on his shoulder because life has treated him badly. Takes without giving. Self pity  ‘poor me’.

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