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Anxiety in Children – Natural Remedies

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Children can suffer from anxiety with detrimental consequences on their health later on if it’s not addressed. Where some children are generally anxious by nature, some have their anxiety triggered by a circumstance such as schools or public spaces. If your child suffers from any of the following, she or he could be experiencing anxiety:

• Clinging, crying or tantrums when you separate
• Excessive shyness, avoiding social situations
• Constant worry
• Avoiding situations or places because of fears
• Complaints of frequent stomach aches or headaches
• Experiencing sudden and frequent panic attacks

Not to worry though, there are many ways to treat anxiety. Here are some natural remedies that could assist in easing these symptoms of anxiety before – or when – they appear.

Natural remedies for anxiety

1. Exercise

One of the best ways to address anxiety in children – and adults for that matter – is exercise. This will assist by burning off anxious energy, leaving the child calmer and ready to engage on activities.

2. Yoga and breathing

Through the practice of yoga, children learn how to belly breathe which is when the diaphragm expands and fills the lungs. This brings about a more restful state by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. When children are anxious, they tend to take short, rapid breaths which heighten anxiety.

3. Aromatherapy

Essential oils – lavender, lemon and chamomile in particular – have been known to decrease anxiety in children. It’s important to establish that the child is not allergic to the product before use. These oils can be placed on a pillow, blanket, jacket or shirt collar to provide a calming effect.

4. Magnesium

Studies show that magnesium deficiencies have been linked to anxiety so sometimes it is just a matter of increasing your child’s intake of magnesium-rich food. This includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame sees and flaxseed which can be added to children’s food.

5. Art therapy

Often anxiety can be addressed through art therapy – essentially allowing children the freedom to create their own artwork which could, subconsciously, communicate the child’s feelings. The sensory experience of creating art is soothing, and the artwork can then be interpreted by a child therapist if needed.

6. Vitamin B

A deficiency of the Vitamin B Complex has been known to result in problems with the nervous system, thereby causing anxiety. Sources of Vitamin B Complex are varied, including berries, lean meats, eggs, dark green vegetables, fish, avocadoes, bananas, citrus, milk, shellfish and whole grains – among others.

7. Spending time with animals

Children with pets at home will benefit greatly from the anxiety-reducing effects of animals. These don’t necessarily have to be furry animals, caring for any type of animal has shown positive results in treating anxiety-related symptoms.

8. Deep pressure therapy

Often firm yet gentle pressure applied to key points on a body will release anxiety in children. In fact, there are now many products available to assist with deep pressure therapy including brushes, weighted blankets and garments.

9. Calming music

Certain forms of classical music have been shown to decrease childhood anxiety. There are a variety of CDs or online music that can be downloaded or streamed to be played as background music while children play or while they are sleeping.

10. Eugenie Rowson’s Vibrational Medicine

The unique anxiety and fears formula and the exam worry and stress formula both serve as effective remedies to ease anxiety in children. These easy to use mouth sprays are available at The Remedy Shoppe or after a consultation with Eugenie Rowson.

It’s important to remember that, before treating your children with any natural remedies, you must consult with a health practitioner first. Elements such as dosage, times to administer and possible allergies must be factored into the treatment.

All Remedy Shoppe products are formulated by Biofeedback Therapist and Ethnomedicine Practitioner, Eugenie Rowson, who has years of experience in natural remedies and knowledge of their benefits. Rowson specialises in vibrational medicine and Remedy Shoppe exclusively supplies electromagnetically-made products used to stimulate healing. These natural products contain electromagnetic signatures of an original substance which act as a catalyst to stimulate healing responses. Online users are invited to book a confidential email or skype consultation with Rowson to discuss any ailments or concerns. As far as natural remedies go, vibrational medicines are easy to use, safe for pregnant women, children and pets and convenient.

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