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Lighthouse Children’s Home – thanks to our donors

EMAIL SENT 6 SEPTEMBER 2010 from agent Gina

I have recently found another baby house for abandoned and abused babies in Sundowner. When I went through today to have a look there was one little girl names Rachel who has very bad eczema, her skin looks like leather.

I think she needs something to help heal her emotionally as well, she was found in a cemetry at 4 weeks. She doesn’t trust easily and is withdrawn unless she knows the person. She did respond quite well to me and I was able to give her a reflexology treatment and I could feel her lungs, small intestine, colon, definately absorption problems, holding grief and sadness. She eats well but her growth doesn’t seem to be great. She also seems to have an infection on the tip of several fingers that seems to have spread under the nail. The lady who runs the home would like to treat them naturally as she is tired of using cortisone for this particular baby, which is all she gets given when going to the doctor. If possible, could we get some remedies donated for this house? Below are some that might be helpful:

  • Grief, shock and trauma
  • Cold and flu formula
  • Sinus formula
  • Immunity formula
  • Cough – dry
  • Fever & inflammation formula
  • Skin disorders formula (for the above-mentioned baby)
  • Diarrhoea formula
  • Teething troubles formula

Grateful thanks to Wordsmiths SA who donated all these remedies and more, and have undertaken to sponsor whatever remedies the home may need in future.

REPORT BACK from Gina 29 October 2010

I followed up with the Lighthouse baby shelter this week to check on little Rachel’s progress. She is a totally different child thanks to your generosity in donating the remedies. Her skin is starting to clear and her disposition and nature have changed. She is a happy little thing and will actually look you in the eye now which she wouldn’t do before. I will keep monitoring her progress but I just wanted to say thank you to you for making a difference in her and the other children’s lives at this shelter.