GM foods suppliers list as at 05-May-2022

GM foods sources list as at 05-May-2022

GM Foods (Genetically Modified Foods)
To assist you with avoiding any Genetically Modified (GM) Foods – South Africa, we’ve put together a list of the most common foods which are either GM or have been sprayed with toxic herbicides and/or pesticides. We’ve also put together a list of where Organic foods can be bought, from either online sources or at markets and shops.





“Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of manmade fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, growth regulators & livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation”

Please ensure that Organic items are labelled “Organic” – do not presume that “Natural,  Free Range or Gluten Free” is the same as Organic. Make sure you Eat/Drink only ORGANIC labelled items.
Items: Common sources: Suggested suitable alternatives:
Alcohol Beer, Wine, and any Spirits which are made from fermented grains (wheat, barley, sorghum, corn) Drink organic Wines (preferably Sulphite Free) & Spirits. Avoid local commercial beers, drink imported or organic local Craft beers.
Apples, pears, & some bananas Whilst Pears may not be GM, many Apples are GM and many of these fruits have been sprayed with a toxic Herbicide which is carcinogenic. Eat organic fruits & vegetables wherever possible, avoid conventially grown citrus fruits & table grapes.
Baby foods & Infant formula Milk or soy protein is the basis of most infant formulas. The secret ingredients in these products are often soy, or milk from cows injected with rbGH. Many brands also add GMO-derived corn syrup, corn syrup solids, or soy lecithin Eat organic baby food (Gerber range) – make your own organic baby food using organic fruits & vegetables. Kabrita Non GMO Goat milk baby formulas. Holle Organic milk powder
Beverages Most sweetened drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup or sugar, both of which are derived from common GM crops (corn and sugar beets), Diet or low calorie soft drinks contain Aspartame which is GM. Drink organic fruit & vegetable juices, tea, coffee, coconut water – Avoid commercial “fizzy” drinks
Citrus & Stone fruits Whilst possibly not GM, many of these fruits have been sprayed with a toxic Herbicide which is carcinogenic. Eat organic fruits & vegetables wherever possible, avoid conventially grown citrus fruits & table grapes.
Corn On-the-cob, any products which contain ingredients such as: corn oil, corn syrup, corn starch, high fructose corn syrup. Corn Crisps/chips, Polenta, thickeners, sweet corn, cornflakes, breakfast cereals baby cereals, sausages, maize meal, Eat products that are produced with Organic / Heirloom corn or eat Organic corn on the cob.
Dairy products Milk, cheese, cream, butter, yoghurt – If you’re vegan, lactose intolerant or have allergies to dairy, you’re probably already familiar with dairy alternatives, such as soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, and other substitute products. Since so many alternative dairy products are made from soybeans, be aware that they may contain GMO ingredients. Raw unpasteurised milk and milk products, Organic milk, Organic Almond milk, Organic Coconut milk. Organic Soya milk. Organic goats milk. Organic Rice milk. Look for organic or “rBGH- and rBST-free” milk products. rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is a synthetic growth hormone developed from genetically engineered E coli bacteria. A rule from the USDA’s “Guidelines for Organic Certification of Dairy Livestock” dictates that organic cows must be fed grains and forages that contain no antibiotics, GMO-derived products, synthetic preservatives, & animal by-products. Conventional dairy cows are not required to comply with these standards.
Eggs   Eat organic GMO free eggs only from chickens that are not fed corn or soy that has been genetically engineered eg: Farmer Angus/ Eddies eggs .
Fish Fresh, Frozen, Sushi – At least 35 species of fish are currently being genetically engineered around the world, including trout, catfish, tilapia, striped bass, flounder, & many species of salmon. Avoid any farmed fish products (especially Salmon & Tilapia) – they’re likely to be GM – Avoid Chinese farm-raised seafood which is is located in heavily industrialized regions where the water, air & soil are contaminated by effluent waste from industry & exhausts. It is also common practice to utilise livestock & poultry waste as fish feed. Eat Wild fish not Farmed or GM fish – Wild fish tend to have more omega-3s and are less likely to be contaminated with harmful pollutants
Fruit Caution: Potatoes & Apples have been Genetically modified (to prevent bruising/browning)    
Grapes, table & wine Whilst possibly not GM, many of these fruits have been sprayed with a toxic Herbicide which is carcinogenic. Eat organic fruits & vegetables wherever possible, avoid conventially grown citrus fruits & table grapes.
Herbs & Spices Use organic herbs and spices  which have not been irradiated   Good Life – Available at various suppliers
Honey A variety of flower sources – avoid any irradiated, heated or treated honey products Eat Raw, unfiltered, natural honey that is not irradiated – avoid any imported honeys especially from China
Maize maize meal, breakfast cereals, baby cereals… Organic maize or corn products. Substitute with organic Rice or Potatoes.
Meat Many alternative meat products are processed and include ingredients that can be genetically modified/engineered, so check the ingredient lists closely, pay attention to avoid the Big Four at-risk ingredients, especially soy – Eat organic only Eat organic, grass fed/free range (check for Herbicide contamination) – Organic Tofu, Organic Soya
Nuts (almonds, peanuts etc) Lentils & Seeds, Couscous, Soy beans, Sunflower seed   Eat certified organic nuts and seeds only. Substitute with organic chick peas.
Oats Breakfast cereals, muesli, oats cereal bars, biscuits/cookies… Eat Organic Oats. Use Organic oats for any products using oats (biscuits, cereals etc)
Oils, Palm, rape seed, cotton seed, canola Margarine, butter, cracker breads, baby foods, spreads, crisps, peanut butter, mayonnaise, sauces etc Avoid all rape seed and Canola oil products; Canola oil comes from Rapeseed which was originally used for industrial purposes, “rapeseed oil” was so toxic that the FDA banned it for human consumption in 1956. Canola oil is high in glycosides, which means it inhibits enzyme function. Over the long term, this destroys the protective sheath (coating) surrounding nerves. Once that sheath is gone, nerve damage is being done.  Use only organic (Extra Virgin olive, coconut) oils, Grape seed oil, Organic butter – Eat organic peanut/other nut butters
Sorghum breakfast porridges, sorghum beers  
Soya Common examples of soy-based ingredients include: soy protein, soy flour, soy sauce, soybean oil, soy milk, & soy lecithin. Tofu, tempeh, & miso are other sources of soy Breads, pitas, wraps, rusks, English muffins, muffins, donuts, garlic bread, hot cross buns, ready-made meals, peanut butter Eat Organic Soya
Sugar Products containing sugar, Sugar beets – be careful with Sugar Cane as it may have been sprayed with a toxic Herbicide as a dessicant. Use organic sugar only, sugar substitutes include Stevia, organic Xylitol, organic coconut palm sugar
Wheat breads, pasta, pitas, wraps, rusks, English muffins, muffins, donuts, garlic bread, hot cross buns etc Wheat products made with recommended wheat flours: Champagne Valley, Eureka Mills, James Moffett, Bio Wheat & Millstone flours. Eat bread made from Organic Rye. Eat imported Italian pasta.
Vegetables   Eat organic fruits & vegetables wherever possible, avoid conventially grown vegetables.
Food suppliers – Countrywide (check for Organic items)    
Organic Natural & Whole-Food Emporium (Expensive!) Shop 31B, Bryanston Shopping Centre, Cnr William Nicol Drive & Ballyclare, Bryanston, Jhb  011 514 0958
Jacksons Real Food Market (Bryanston & Kyalami) Only buy items marked “Organic” 300 Bryanston Drive & Kyalami, Crnr Main & R55, Jhb  011 463 1598
Braeside Butchery  Online Butchery, & at The Bryanston Organic Market   011 788 3613
Bryanston Organic Market 40 Culross rd (off Main rd), Bryanston, Jhb  011 706  3671
Wensleydale Organics (online shop) The Wenselydale farm is located 45 kilometers north-west of Johannesburg. Also at The Bryanston Organic Market 082 779 7843
Eco Organics (supplier of various Organic produce) Online shop – 517 West Rd, Midrand, Jhb 071 859 9836
Fudge-It (GMO free Mielie meal) The Bryanston Organic Market 0723797459
Native (Organic sugar) distributed by Zeal Agencies Metropolitain Park Unit F4, Cnr Wakkis & Tungsten Road, Strydom Park, Randburg, 2194   011 791 1907
Champagne Valley flour     083 627 7858
Good Life Organic Online shop –  providing a wide range of certified organic food products – wholesaler servicing health shops, delicatessens, health practitioners and the retail trade; do not sell directly to the public 031 766 3426
Fruits & Roots Hobart Grove Centre, 52 Grosvenor Rd, Bryanston, Jhb, 2191  011 463 2928
The Green Grocery Online shop   
Freshly Grown Online shop  
Timothy & Clover Online shop  
Munching Mongoose Online shop  
Health Connection Wholefoods Online shop  
Patisserie de Paris (use Eureka Mills flour & Oryx Salt) 9 Mackay Avenue, (off Conrad Drive 100m from the Engen Garage), Blairgowrie, Jhb. Also at The Bryanston Organic Market  011 326 0913
Bull & Bush Meat Merchants Unit 21, 7 on Mastiff, Linbro Business Park, Sandton  011 454 8274
Farm Table Shop 1, 62 6th Street, Linden, Jhb, 2195   087 802 1283
Bert’s Butchery 356 Republic Rd, Darrenwood, Randburg, 2194  011 782 4919
Faithful to Nature Online store  
Thrupps Grocers – Illovo Lower Ground Floor, Thrupps Illovo Centre,Corner Oxford and Rudd Roads, Illovo,Jhb   011 268  0298
Nutrifir – supplier of Kombucha tea, Milk & Water Kefir Online shop  076 994 0051
Springreen Wheatgrass -Growers & Suppliers of ready to juice Wheatgrass & other related products. Online shop   
Wild Organics – Supplier of various organic fruit & veg in Cape Town Online shop – various collection points in Cape Town 021 510 5447
Oaklands Country Manor  30km from Harrismith, near the border of KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State  079 529 2314
Oaklands Butchery 30km from Harrismith, near the border of KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State   082 608 2469
Organic World     
Coobs Bistro – sources their produce from local suppliers and organic farms to create unique modern bistro-style food. 4th Ave, Parkhurst, Johannesburg 011 447 0710
Soga Organic – Grower & supplier of certified organic citrus products Available at various Food Lovers Markets, Dis Chem outlets, Jacksons – Sundays River Citrus Company – Addo, E Cape 042 230 1376   /  087 702 9112
The Green Bean African Coffee (Coffee, Eggs, Milk) At Casalinga Ristorante Italiano, Rocky Ridge Rd, Off Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift  076 469 8995
Leafy Greens (Café/Restaurant – Vegetarian) At Casalinga Ristorante Italiano, Rocky Ridge Rd, Off Beyers Naude Drive, Muldersdrift  010 595 4563
Fresh Earth (Online store, Café/Restaurant) 103 Komatie Road, Emmarentia, Jhb.  011 646 4404
Local Village (Manufacturer & supplier of Organic Granola/Meusli, Honey) The Bryanston Organic Market, Rosebank Sunday Market, Jacksons.  011 026 8579
Organic Wines (Reyneke, Waverley Hills, Earthbound range from Nederburg, Laibach) Available at Checkers, Woolworths.    
Organic Zone (shop in Cape Town selling various fruits, vegetables & other organic products) Corner Main and Putter Road, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Lakeside, Cape Town 021 788 3133
Organic Pomegranate Farm 250 Tuohyvale Road, Muldersdrift, Jhb 084 853 8130
Living Seeds (online Heirloom seed and seedling store) Online store using Courier delivery – orders can also be collected at The Walkerville Farmers Market (from Morne at the Kironia stall) – 112 Main Rd, (R82) Walkerville (079 076 7680)    0731417101
Seeds for Africa W Cape based Online store using Courier delivery – orders can be collected at Sandown Nursery in Milnerton 021 201 1118
Sandveld Organics – Organic farm in Lamberts Bay, W Cape –  supplying Organic fruit & veg as well as Organic seeds Farm Suurfontein, Lambert’s Bay, 8013  087 802 2680
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer agency, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” which is the second-highest classification for substances that can cause cancer. Glyphosate is the most predominantly used Herbicide in SA.  For more information visit:  and Banishing Glyphosate  
Glyphosate/herbicides/pesticides deplete: Tyrosine, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B’s and disorder the digestive tract and gut flora; affects the lymphatic & endocrine system including thyroid, pituitary, adrenals and much more.  
For more info on GMOs or GM/GE Foods visit the following websites/pages:    
GMOs revealed – A 9 part documentary revealing the truth about the food you eat.