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No pain, no gain, no healing!


 So what is pain? Does it really exist? It can’t be scanned, scoped, measured in the blood, viewed under the microscope or projected on a big screen. It can’t be seen or touched!

Mainstream medicine places so much value on such tests and yet covers up the most important message that the body is giving.  It advocates pain killers which work by suppression (which means to : camouflage, overpower, subdue, smother, hide, control, dominate, overcome, muffle, stifle, silence) and these come with a lot of nasty side effects. Pain killers do not encourage healing – in fact they may well interfere with healing. Pain is not the cause of the problem … it is the body’s alarm system. How ridiculous is it to keep your hand on the hot stove whilst you swallow another pain killer? Well that is exactly what’s happening in the case of millions of sick people worldwide … no healing – just suppression.

Of course there are times where suppressive medicine (in the form of pain killers) is absolutely necessary, for example, during surgical repair after an accident – in this case the pain killer is allowing the repair to be done.  However, where healing is needed – don’t take suppressive medicine! The body-electric which is made up of trillions of electromagnetic impulses, responding appropriately to the particular pain signal and the rest of the body sends the best help.  Because pain is not a mistake, and is recognized as part of a necessary healing process, Vibrational Medicine actually encourages pain, making the pain more efficient and effective, and speeds it along towards its natural conclusion – restoration of order and health!

The most important thing about pain is that it is very real to the sufferer and can be expressed and described by the sufferer in the most absolute, certain and detailed way! Ask a person to describe their pain and you’ll be amazed at the diversity of narratives!

“…Shooting, throbbing, tearing, pulling, radiating, gnawing, drawing, prickling, electric, exploding, pressure, burning, icy, aching, stabbing, scraping, needling, cutting, piercing …”

The sufferer’s description of the pain is very important in the field of Vibrational Medicine and the nature and characteristics of the pain will indicate the best remedy to stimulate healing.   Healing can only be encouraged – it cannot be forced!

So pain, pain go away (and don’t keep coming back)! 

We have hundreds of formulas to encourage the healing of all sorts of acute and chronic painful ailments (which most people usually suppress on going). Our most popular ones are:

Pain & inflammation formula

Joint pain & stiffness formula

Lower back pain, sciatica & stiffness formula

Menstrual pain & disorders formula

Neck & shoulder pain formula

Headache & migraine formula

Injury rescue formula

Growing pains

Bone pain, fracture & injury formula

Foot & heel pain/plantar fasciitis

Carpal tunnel syndrome formula

Abdominal cramps & spasms formula

Colic & reflux formula

Cystitis & UTI formula

Digestion disorders & IBS formula

Earache, inflammation & infection formula

Gastro : Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps

Hemorrhoids formula

Shingles formula

Teething troubles formula

Toothache & abscess

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