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Baby Trio +1 Pack


3 essential remedies for new mums, plus a free remedy…

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Teething troubles formula

For symptoms associated with teething such as pain, inflammation of gums, irritability, sleeplessness, constipation and diarrhoea.

What Genie says about this formula: “This formula contains several long-trusted remedies for teething babies, including Chamomilla, for extremely painful toothache, excessive salivation, irritability, anger and impatience; and when the pain seems much worse during the night; as well as Ferrum Phos, to alleviate the pain and fever associated with teething. This formula should be given at the first sign of a fever; toothache or earache associated with teething.”


Vaccination support formula

Will support the immune system after a vaccination and assist with the ill-effects of vaccination such as pain, fever and inflammation; runny nose/nasal congestion; irritability, whining and tearfulness in babies and children; sleep disorders; loss of appetite; diarrhoea and digestion disorders; and flu-like symptoms.

What Genie says about this formula: “All vibrational remedies boost the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and strengthening the body’s natural resistance to dis-ease. The vaccination formula will boost your child’s system after receiving a vaccination and lessen any short- and longer-term ill-effects which may be associated with vaccinations. Start giving this formula a few days before the vaccination and continue for up to two weeks afterwards.”


Colic and reflux formula

Indicated for colic, reflux, cramps & spasms in infants and babies, as well as adults.

What Genie says about this formula: “This formula contains an electromagnetic solution of many well-indicated remedies that are fast-acting and helpful for flatulent colic and abdominal pains; a bloated sensation with lots of belching; agonising cutting pains, spasms or cramp-like pains that make you double over in pain; and agonising contractions that come and go. Also helpful for heartburn and burning pain in the oesophagus and stomach; burning in the stomach or heartburn that extends to the spine or back; burning stomach acid which rises to the back of the throat and burns for hours; and nausea and heartburn or dyspepsia.


FREE GIFT: Sweet dreams and calming formula

For symptoms associated with sleeplessness and distress or weepiness at bedtime or during the night.

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