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Change of Seasons Trio +1 Pack


3 essential remedies for those who suffer from hayfever and allergies, especially during the change of season, plus a free remedy…

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Sinusitis, rhinitis & post nasal drip formula

This highly effective formula helps to relieve symptoms associated with blocked and infected sinuses, rhinitis (runny nose), congestion and postnasal drip, as well as severe pain in the sinus and facial area (brows, around eyes, cheekbones). Symptoms may be accompanies by sneezing, nasal discharge and sore throat.

Allergies & hayfever formula

Helps to relieve all symptoms associated with allergies and hayfever, such as sneezing; puffy, scratchy or streaming eyes; blocked or runny nose; sore throat, headaches and tiredness. Helps to improve a person’s tolerance to allergens/irritants in the environment, especially during the change of season. By stimulating a person’s vital force and restoring balance, this formula encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restores harmony to the body.

Cold, flu & viral infection formula

Take at the first sign of colds, flu and any viral infection to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Can also be taken as a prophylactic to strengthen immunity and resistance to colds, flu and viral infections.


FREE GIFT: Aconitum

The first remedy for colds and flu; also helps to relieve stress and anxiety; backache; cold, runny nose & hayfever; coughs and sore throats.

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