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Consultation with Eugenie Rowson

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Book a professional & confidential Consultation with Eugenie Rowson (Genie), reputable Health Practitioner with extensive professional and self-help experience; author of best selling title: There’s a remedy for that! and founder of The Remedy Shoppe.


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Once you have booked a Consultation with Eugenie Rowson (Genie) …

This is what you can expect from your consultation:


Consultation fee with remedies (South Africa only) : R880 (plus Courier charge)

R 880  for 45 mins duration includes :
Comprehensive case history & analysis
Biofeedback testing & treatment
3 specialised remedies
If indicated, other remedies will be recommended and may be purchased from The Remedy Shoppe which is located on the premises for your convenience.

Note: We offer a cash discount of R80 off your consultation fee if paid in cash.

Consultation fee without remedies : R780

R 780 for 60 mins duration includes :
Comprehensive case history & analysis
Biofeedback testing & treatment

Late cancellation policy

Please note that any consultation cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled appointment will be subject to a late cancellation fee of the full amount.

Please note that we do not handle emergencies – Please refer such cases immediately to your nearest ER / Hospital.

Regrettably, no charges for a consultation or electromagnetic solutions may be claimed from any medical aid.





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22 reviews for Consultation with Eugenie Rowson

  1. Simon

    Severe Alopecia Areata / hair loss treated successfully after 1 consultation & specialised remedies
    8 year old girl was suffering from serious progressive Alopecia Areata (large area of hair loss) with no options from modern medicine other than suppressive meds with nasty side effects.

    After an in-depth evaluation by Eugénie Rowson, she determined that the child’s thyroid was dysfunctional and being disordered by a popular device. Eugénie advised that she should stop using this immediately. This device is causing widespread harm to the health of so many people, including children.

    After only 1 consultation and specialised remedies her hair grew back.

    K – Johannesburg 7 Sept 21


  2. Simon

    Diagnosed with a massive stroke, told he would never walk again. But he did! He is absolutely normal now.
    Genie has been a huge part of my family’s health journey for the last 14 years; my daughter is 12 and has never needed a doctor; my son is 16 and hasn’t been to once since before he was 2.
    I’ve had chronic, crippling mastitis cured in a couple of hours, purely using Genie’s remedies, and my daughter has had an ongoing rash cleared up in a day or 2, amongst other day to day ailments.
    In November last year, my partner fell very ill due to a number of environmental and emotional toxins. He spiralled to such a point and he ended up being diagnosed as having had a stroke. I was told it was a massive stroke, he has a long journey to recovery and that he may never walk again.
    He was in Helen Joseph (restrained) for 23 nights and virtually unreachable due to tight Covid protocols. I got very few answers from the doctors or nurses.
    Genie was brilliant. She treated J (via a photograph) almost daily, spending an hour at a time working on fixing the paralysis and healing. Once he was able to swallow, we moved him to a Rehabilitation centre and he was up and walking the next day.
    At the rehab, they decided he needed more meds… giving ritalin, antidepressants and sleeping tablets, on top of the cocktail he had from HJ, and despite my requests to keep drugs to a minimum.
    Some of the allopathic meds he was on have side effects which are almost exactly the symptoms he was showing, but this was disregarded by the hospital, and the rehab centre.
    He left the rehab after 11 days as he was physically strong enough already and would benefit more from being home where he can regain memory and rebuild the neural pathways with the people who love him.
    2 days after he got home, he was virtually running everywhere, he had a bad dizzy spell and collapsed. I called the physician at HJ and told him that J was running around and fell, and he stopped me and made me repeat what I had said… he said it was a miracle that J was walking, and said his entire team of Neurologists had said he’d likely never walk again.
    He had dizziness, confusion, brain fog, terrible itchiness, chronic memory loss to the extent he didn’t know what home was, hallucinations and terrible dreams and absolutely zero appetite. He lost 22kg.
    We were able (with Genie’s help) to wean him off the medication he had been prescribed and after 3 months was off everything except for natural supplements and Genie’s remedies.
    He is phsyically strong and does cross fit daily, he eats like a horse and has gained muscle. He is stable, free of any addiction (including smoking 50-60 per day), suffers from very little stress and anxiety and is almost completely independent. He sleeps well at night and has a nap in the day still but doesn’t have the chronic fatigue that so many stroke survivors experience.
    We are both so grateful to Genie and Simon for the support they provided, and for getting us through this enormous challenge. J now sees her once every 2 months, just to make sure everything is still in balance.
    I have no doubt that this story would have been a very different one, had it not been for The Remedy Shoppe

    C – Johannesburg 16 July 2021


  3. Simon

    My Pug Tyson has been seizure free ever since consulting with Eugénie

    My pug Tyson began having seizures in 2015. They would leave him feeling dazed and out of sorts. I took him to see Eugenie who explained that the diet he was on full of GMO’s and glyphosate was contributing to his seizures. Upon her recommendations I changed his food to her organic dog food recipe and treated him with the remedies she made up for him, and I am happy to announce that Tyson has been seizure free ever since! I am ever grateful to Eugenie for her constant support, incredible knowledge and her compassion when dealing with health and healing 🙏❤

    B – Johannesburg 12 March 21

  4. Simon

    He slept through the night without coughing.
    Concerned mother M contacted Eugénie about her son C….

    “Gosh, I’ve never seen him like this before. He was listless the entire afternoon, and just wanted to sleep. No appetite. He played a bit in the bath, and is now sleeping. The coughing seems to have improved. So hoping for a good nights sleep, and that he feels much better in the morning
    Thank you so much for your help!

    After a consultation with Eugénie the next day she sent this feedback
    “Hi Eugenie. I hope you are well today.
    You really are a miracle worker!! Christian is so much better today! He slept through the night without coughing. Whilst he was miserable this morning, he is now his normal energetic self. Thank you so much!”
    M – Johannesburg 4 March 21

  5. Simon

    Thank you for taking the time today explaining to K about Homeopathy.
    Your Kind, Gentle and Patient approach really put K at ease. (Never mind the knowledge that you gave her 😂). Being a race horse 🏇!!
    We will see you in 2 weeks time.
    Thank you once again.

    C – Johannesburg – 23 Feb 21

  6. Simon

    Hello Genie, I just wanted to tell you the HUGE difference E has felt since his last session with you! Thank you for helping him.

    B – Johannesburg – Feb 21

  7. Simon

    Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray
    Hi Genie, Sorry I never said Thank you yesterday for the treatment & spray -T didn’t even need panado last night!
    J – Johannesburg – 29 Jan

  8. Simon

    Ovarian cyst resolved completely after taking your remedies
    Dear Genie, I just wanted to thank you for your help earlier in 2020. I had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that the doctors said would never clear up by itself, but after taking your remedies it has resolved completely after several months. The doctors were gobsmacked and I am so grateful for your help and dedication. I was advised just before lockdown that I would definitely need surgery, but now I am healthy and I have avoided that trauma.
    L – Johannesburg Jan 21

  9. Simon

    I can’t believe the remarkable progress that S has made…
    S, a six year old girl had been struggling at school; distracted, hesitation, difficulty listening and following instructions, dreamy, spacy, and poor literacy. Educational Psychologist recommended she go to a remedial school.

    Her Mother gave the following feedback after 3 consultations with Eugénie…

    “Just a little update from S’s Speech & Language Therapist on her progress, which I thought I would share with you. It most certainly isn’t from just the “home program” and mostly your work and remedies Eugenie…so a HUGE Thank you to you ”
    “I wanted to let you know that your work With S at home and the implementation of the home program has made the HUGEST impact! Truly! I can’t believe the remarkable progress that S has made. In this week’s session she was able to sound out and read three letter words – a few weeks ago that would never have been possible.

    This week I started working on her ability to manipulate sounds in a word (e.g. Taking away the first sound and substituting it with something else) and it’s coming along nicely. Even that would have been too difficult a few weeks ago but she’s managing so well with it now. The hard work is most certainly paying off!

    A Johannesburg 23 Nov 2020

  10. Simon

    My catarrh has virtually gone
    29 October – After many years of problems with Catarrh; blocked nose/sinuses and a temporary loss of smell, J booked a remote consultation with Eugénie for both both herself and her dog B who was suffering from a dry cough.

    After changing their diets to organic foods and using the remedies recommended by Eugénie we received the following feeedback

    My catarrh has virtually gone. I can breathe through both nostrils. now. Blossom mutch better. Still has the cough occasionally, usually when she gets up suddenly. Think I need to hoover. Got parts of hoover out and washed as I didn’t think it was picking up well enough. Butcher knows me now and put me meat aside every week. I mix mostly with organic potatoes and other veg plus free range eggs and organic whole milk and yoghurt for some variety for her. Thanks x

    J – England 21 Nov 2020

  11. Simon

    Kidney, Bladder & Urinary disorders.
    Z, 55 year old Diabetic, complaining of Kidney, Bladder & Urinary disorders. After 1 consultation and 3 specialised remedies given to her – feedback received

    Thank you so much for your kind heart and assistance. Please be so kind to and convey a message to Eugénie. I am feeling so much better. With lots of energy & a positive outlook regarding my health. Eugénie is awesome and portrays her positivity in blessing others with the same. Thank you so much, God bless. See you soon for my follow up appointment in 3 weeks.



    Z – Johannesburg 14 Oct 20

  12. Simon

    Wonderful results for his Matric…
    Just to let you know Genie – J had wonderful results for his Matric at midnight last night…..huge thank yous

    (After months of regular treatment for this Grade 12 boy, at private boarding school)

    C – Johannesburg – 7 Jan 2020

  13. Simon

    Chronic fatigue since appendix removed.
    Just some feedback, I can’t believe the difference in C – since his treatment on Mon, and the Potassium/Magnesium citrate – he’s like a new child, he’s got energy, he’s got a smile on his face – he says he can’t believe the difference, he feels so different – it’s just amazing – thank you so much, I haven’t seen him like this for a long time.

    J – Johannesburg 27 Feb 2020

  14. Simon

    You treated him all the away through Matric- he’s been healthy ever since
    Hi Genie, just wanted to let you know that B was absolutely over the moon last night when he got his results, beyond his wildest dreams! He got 6 A’s and was just so chuffed…you helped him so much, he fact that he was so healthy, and you treated him all the away through Matric – I just wanted to say a very big thanks for everything you’ve done for him, he’s been healthy ever since – its definitely the longest stretch that B’s ever been so healthy for, so just a huge big thanks for your kindness and help – just really appreciate it

    J – Johannesburg 7 Jan 2020

  15. Simon

    My ear infection is so much better…
    Thank you so much, my ear infection is so much better; after my consultation with you, I used your remedies and I am so much better now – Thank you!

    A – Johannesburg 26 Apr 20

  16. Simon

    “Feel so much better today”
    Thank you! Feel so much better today. And just so you know all my remedies arrived at 09:00 (next day courier delivery to Cape Town)! Amazing!

    D Cape Town 23 June 2020

  17. Simon

    The pain in my groin has all but vanished
    Hello, this is T from Maputo. The pain in my groin has all but vanished . God Bless you.

    T Maputo – Mon 20 2020

  18. Simon

    “…the brilliant Homeopath you are…”
    Hello Genie, just wanting to let you know that the remedies arrived in double quick time and they are having a hugely positive effect already! I am so grateful for every one of these miraculous remedies that you have created for me, for your extraordinary talents and the decades of tirelessly dedicated work you have put into becoming the brilliant homeopath you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I so look forward to my next appt with you the week after next. Much love.

    K – Stellenbosch – 7 May 2020

  19. Simon

    “You are a magician…”
    After a Remote Treatment for Anger, Anxiety, depression during lockdown, feedback from this young Man’s mother ….

    Hi, just to let you know that 2 hours after your treatment on G he cheered up 100% and was whistling by himself and cracking jokes with his siblings! You are a magician

    C Johannesburg 17 June 2020

  20. Simon

    My back pain is so much better…
    J from Johannesburg was suffering from severe, deep back pain which started suddenly one evening – after 1 remote consultation and using the prescribed remedies her pain had improved significantly in 24 hours…

    Hi Genie,

    Thanks for the treatment yesterday, I am feeling so much better. Thanks!

    Jenny Johannesburg 12 Jul 20

  21. Simon

    This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!!
    This patient had been suffering with chronic Asthma for many years, using various inhalers and other medications. After 2 consultations with Eugenie and using her remedies he has improved dramatically…..

    Hi Genie, just some quick feedback. I have been off all asthma medicine for a week now. So off avamys, ventolin and symbicord. And therefore also off daktarin. Felling good and coping with lungs. Conjunctivitis still bad but not serious. Thank you👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏. This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!! Thank you again

    S Johannesburg 17 Jul 20

  22. Simon

    “You really changed my family’s life…we all live a better life because of you. Thank you”
    Always- been growing my own veggies over lockdown. Kids haven’t been sick for years now! Last time they saw anyone was you. You really changed my family’s life…..thank you, you are a gift. Everyone should see you just for the info on an organic diet alone….I cannot believe how your advise and non invasive healing helped me to make better decisions.

    We all live a better life because of you. Thank you

    A Johannesburg 27 June

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