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Diabetes Trio +1 Pack


Includes the 3 remedies for those who suffer from diabetes or symptoms related to diabetes, plus a free remedy…

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Vibrational Medicine boosts the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and strengthening the body’s natural resistance to dis-ease. Vibrational Medicine offers a greener, safer, more effective way to improve your family’s health. It works for pets, too!

Blood sugar regulation formula

This sugar regulation formula is an electromagnetic solution of remedies which are known to assist with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, resulting in more energy, less fatigue, fewer food cravings, more stable moods, better concentration and stronger immunity and resistance to dis-ease.

Metabolism boost formula

This formula contains an electromagnetic solution of a combination of remedies know to assist with improving pituitary and thyroid function, metabolism and digestion, and absorption of nutrients, and therefore assists with weight loss and reduces cravings and disordered appetite.

Burning feet formula

For burning, stinging, painful feet and lower legs, such as those conditions commonly experienced amongst diabetics.

FREE GIFT: Stress, exhaustion & burnout formula

For symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged stress. Assists with feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, exhaustion and burnout. Improves adrenal function and the ability to cope with and respond to everyday stress. Promotes a sense of enthusiasm, renews enthusiasm and interest in life, and helps to restore emotional stability.

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