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Radiation exposure formula

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PLEASE NOTE : This Remedy should be taken in conjunction with other well indicated remedies to prevent and to heal specific symptoms that relate or are believed to relate to electromagnetic pollution / radiation exposure.

An accumulating body of research shows that exposure to so many of today’s technologies is having serious short & long term affects on our health.

Electromagnetic pollution / Radiation is cumulative in the body and is harmful to our health. Electromagnetic pollution / Radiation pollution is generated by a range of electrical items, electricity pylons, cell phone & radio masts & transmitters, bluetooth devices, mobile & cordless phones, microwave ovens / microwaved food, power lines, desktop & laptop computers, TV, telephone pylons, tablets & iPhones, security systems, electric blankets, Wi-Fi, radio waves, radar, gaming consoles, baby monitors, smartwatches etc.
Electro pollution weakens our body’s ability to heal in general.


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Use this formula continuously during exposure and select additional remedies in combination for symptoms that occur.

Symptoms of Radiation / Electromagnetic pollution exposure may include any of the below listed :


. FATIGUE, exhaustion, drowsiness, yawning excessively.
. EMOTIONAL disorder including anxiety, Irritability, depression, hysteria.
. MENTAL confusion, brain fog, poor memory, slow & difficult comprehension.
. BEHAVIOURAL disorders, hyperactivity or extreme apathy.
. Dizziness, vertigo.
. HEADaches & migraines, neuralgias.
. EYES / VISION: pain & light sensitivity, blurred vision, weakness of sight. Twitching.
. FACIAL pain & neuralgias, numbness, tingling, palsy, shingles-like symptoms, stroke-like symptoms.
. TONGUE painful to move, sensitive, difficult to articulate speech. Loss of sense of TASTE.
. JAW pain + stiffness.
. Noises in EARS, tinnitus & deafness, pain & inflammation, feeling blocked.
. THYROID, dysfunction.
. SINUS, pain, congestion, streaming nose & inflammation.
. NOSE, Prickling, tingly & crawling in the nose, streaming nose. Violent sneezing. Loss of smell.
. TOOTHache, GUM inflammation, sensitivity.
. THROAT raw or irritated, laryngitis, voice loss.
. NECK pain & stiffness
. HEART palpitations, arrhythmias. Hypertension. Fluctuating blood pressure.
. IRON deficiency and blood disorders.
. Tightness or oppression of the CHEST, BREATHING difficulties, dry cough with tickling in THROAT .
. STOMACH cramps, ABDOMINAL distension.
. APPETITE is increased thirst, feeling full after eating only a little, heartburn.
. FEMALE menstrual cycle becomes profuse (with large clots) & extremely painful,.
. MUSCULAR inflammation, pain, weakness, fatigue + stiffness. Restlessness.
. JOINT pain, inflammation + stiffness.
. BODY aches & pains
. BONE pains.
. URINARY disorders, frequent urination.
. SKIN is red & inflamed, feels like its burning, itching, skin rash eczema, dermatitis
. SLEEP disorder, restlessness, insomnia. Night terrors.
. Shivering with FEVER & profuse PERSPIRATION

All symptoms may be made worse with an approaching storm or WEATHER CHANGES and may be influenced by HEAVY METAL toxicity in the body. This formula further assists with removing heavy metals from the body

Always take practical preventative measures to keep exposure to a minimum.




Jolt bottle on palm before use.
Adults, children, infants & pets:
1 or 2 sprays in the mouth.

3 times daily for prevention ongoing.

Half hourly – if related symptoms occur, or if exposure is high.

Keep away from battery operated & electrical appliances.
Consult your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist.


Electromagnetic solution.
No physical origin.
5% alcohol & purified water.
Nothing artificial. Non-toxic.
Safe for pregnant women &


Store in a cool, dark place.
Keep away from battery operated
& electrical appliances.

Best before:
3 months after opening.

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  1. WhatsApp message 21 June 22

    So many sicknesses that I see in practice now are directly related to high levels of Radiation! (See symptom list at link below.)
    Countless forms of modern technology which emit harmful & cumulative EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) are making us sick! Blocking or avoiding this harmful radiation is almost impossible & all the supplements & suppressive meds in the world cannot get this radiation down. HOWEVER, you can “train” & encourage your immune system to fight this on a daily basis with a special formula. Use this formula ongoing and increase to half hourly if related symptoms occur. Symptom specific remedies should be used to complement the action of this remedy.
    Available from The Remedy Shoppe 076 410 8262. Alternatively, book an appointment with Eugénie Rowson for a thorough evaluation of your health 082 771 2292.
    Opt out reply STOP.

  2. Simon

    Thanks soooo much for helping to sort out my Dental/Mouth/Sinus issues…

    26 May – M booked a remote consultation for severe jaw/dental and Sinus pain

    17 June – feedback received from M …..” Dear Genie thanks soooo much for helping to sort out my mouth issue. I have had no pain for over a week now”

    Dental & Gum disorders formula

    Toothache & Abscess formula

    Electromagnetic pollution / Radiation & Heavy metals antidote (incl. Cardio V / blood support formula

    M – Johannesburg 18 June 22


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