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Menopause Trio +1 Pack


3 essential remedies to help with emotional and physical wellbeing during the “change of life”, plus a free remedy…

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Menopausal symptoms formula

This bestselling hormonal balance formula improves symptoms associated with menopause such as low sexual desire, irritability & mood swings, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, restless sleep, headaches. Promotes hormonal balance and emotional stability during the change of life.

Hot flushes & night sweats formula

This formula improves symptoms of hot flushes (or flashes) such as a feeling of overheating or waves of heat moving through the body, burning skin, redness, clamminess and sweating, which may be accompanied by irritability, dizziness, palpitations, anxiety or even panic. This formula helps to promote temperature regulation, hormonal balance and emotional stability during any stage of life.

Memory, concentration, mental clarity formula

Improves both short- and long-term memory, concentration & mental clarity, promotes mental focus, information recall and clear thinking. Helps to improve a short attention span. An excellent remedy to use when studying and writing exams. Especially beneficial to school children, students, executives and the elderly to assist with information recall and retention.

FREE GIFT: Sleep easy & sweet dreams formula

Helps to relieve symptoms associated with sleeplessness, insomnia and an overactive mind at bedtime or during the night. This formula is gentle enough for infants, strong enough for hyper-stressed executives and exhausted new moms. This formula contains an electromagnetic solution of a combination of remedies known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system and is particularly indicated to assist with restless sleep; anxious dreams and much tossing about; sleeplessness caused by much mental activity and night terrors. Well-suited to the over-tired, overworked, exhausted or the over-anxious, who simply can’t switch off and rest.

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